Tips to upgrade your resume for a perfect job search in 2020

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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 09, 2019

No matter whether you are a fresh college graduate hunting for your first job or an experienced professional looking out for a change, every job seeker has one question in mind- “How can I make my resume look perfect to improve my job search?”

Here’s the answer from experts to help you get a resume that stands out in the stiff competition in the new year. For getting several job opportunities in the coming time, it is important that you start working on preparing a perfect resume now. So, read on…

Tip #1: Add an executive summary

Adding an objective in your CV is now passé. Recruiters nowadays want more clear communication, and therefore, prefer a crisp executive summary at the top of your CV. This summary should focus clearly on what you are looking for and how you are a perfect fit for the job role. In other words, an executive summary is your elevator pitch that helps you make the first good impression on recruiters.

Tip #2: Use job description keywords in your resume

Putting smart efforts is the key to success in today’s time where everyone is busy, including recruiters. Therefore, it is imperative that you upgrade your resume by adding some relevant keywords from the job description to your resume. It not only increases your chances of appearing in employers’ searches but also minimizes any possibility of your resume going into the trash.

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Tip #3: Remove unnecessary info

Consider removing any information from your resume that is not important at the time of your job search. This helps you to free up some space in your resume and make it look clutter-free.  Adding your complete residential address is one such information that doesn’t have to do anything with your interview. Employers want to focus more on your skills, experience, and education.

Tip #4: Upgrade your skills

While the above pointers are related to making some necessary modifications in your resume, this tip is about upgrading your skills that can be highlighted in your resume. Of course, adding new feathers in your cap in terms of new achievements, certifications, courses, and projects add value to your resume and help to boost visibility and acceptability among recruiters.

Tip #5: Take professional help

One of the best ways to ensure that your resume is upgraded in a way that is valued by employers is by taking professional help. You can advance your career opportunities by creating a winning resume online with the help of Firstnaukri resume maker tool.  This free resume builder helps you to create an error-free resume for a job search in minutes.

With a few days left in welcoming the New Year, let’s start building your career with a perfect and upgraded resume.


All the best!


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