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‘Why We Should Hire You?’ – Nailing the Interview Question Like Pro!

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Posted by Aarna Tiwari Aug 01, 2023

The “Why should we hire you?” interview question is a classic, and it’s one that every job seeker should be prepared to answer. This question is designed to get you to sell yourself to the interviewer, and to highlight your skills, experience, and why you would be a good fit for the role.

In this article, we will delve into why interviewers ask this question, provide tips to prepare for it, and guide you on how to craft an impactful response that sets you apart from other candidates.

Why Do Interviewers Ask, “Why You Should Be Hired For This Role?”

The question “Why should we hire you?” serves several purposes for interviewers. They want to know what makes you a special candidate in the first place. What distinguishes you from the other candidates? They’re also interested in how well you can market yourself. Can you clearly and succinctly state your value proposition? They also want to understand your motive. Why do you desire this position? 

By posing this question, interviewers test how well you comprehend your skill set and how well it aligns with the demands of the position. It also shows how well you can spot opportunities to make a real difference.

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“Why Should We Hire You?” – Best Tips to Answer

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the “Why should we hire you?” question.

  • Do an extensive background study about the company’s past, present, values, and accomplishments before the interview. You may adjust your reaction in accordance with the demands and objectives of the company if you are aware of them.
  • Study the job description carefully to determine the essential abilities and credentials needed for the position. To ensure that your response meets the requirements of the position, compare them to your own experiences and skills.
  • Think about your successes, abilities, and experiences that make you a great asset to the business. Consider situations where you proved to be a leader, a problem-solver, or a member of a team.
  • Be honest with yourself about your strengths and areas for improvement. In your response, be sure to highlight your abilities, but also demonstrate a desire to learn and develop in areas where you may lack expertise.

Firstnaukri offers a valuable online tool that provides tailored interview questions and model answers for freshers. Leveraging this resource can help you practice your responses and gain confidence for the actual interview.

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”: Step-by-Step Strategy

To ace this question and leave a lasting impression, follow these steps:

  • Begin with a compelling introduction: Introduce yourself briefly, state your name, and express gratitude for the chance to participate in the job interview at the start of your response.
  • Emphasize your pertinent experience and skills: Describe how your abilities, education, or extracurricular activities meet the precise requirements listed in the job description. Give examples from your experience to show what you have accomplished.
  • Make your passion clear: Express your sincere passion for the position and the organization. Describe your excitement for the opportunity and how you think your efforts will support the objectives of the company.
  • Show off your flexibility: Emphasise your capacity to pick up new skills and adjust to new conditions. Candidates who are receptive to improvement and advancement are valued by employers.
  • Express commitment: Express your commitment by assuring the interviewer of your continued dedication to the position and the company. Mention how you want to help the business succeed and expand with it.
  • End on a positive note: Thank the interviewer once more for their consideration of you for the position as you close up the discussion. Express how enthusiastic you are to fill the position and help the team succeed.

Top Best Sample Answers to “Why You Should Be Hired For This Role?”

When answering the “Why should we hire you?” question, it’s important to be specific and to focus on your skills, experience, and how you can benefit the company. Here are a few sample answers to the question.

  1. “I am qualified to handle challenging coding problems and present creative solutions because I have a degree in computer science and practical project experience. Hackathons have helped me improve my collaborative abilities, allowing me to work efficiently on high-impact initiatives. In order to help the development team succeed, I’m excited to put my technical knowledge to use.”
  2. “I’m a motivated and meticulous recent marketing graduate with a solid understanding of digital strategy and statistics. My internships have sharpened my creative and problem-solving skills, which have helped me become skilled at promoting brands. I am certain that I can contribute to the expansion of the organization since I have a love for lifelong learning and a commitment to getting things done.”
  3. “I can offer important insights to improve financial operations because of my experience in finance and my excellent analytical skills. My expertise in risk analysis and financial modeling has been enhanced through my internships at prestigious companies. I am happy to use my experience to influence sensible financial choices for the expansion of your business.”
  4. “I have led initiatives to lessen environmental effects since I recently graduated from engineering college and have a love for sustainability. Product development is expedited because of my expertise in CAD software and practical prototype experience. I’m eager to support the company’s sustainable initiatives by bringing my engineering expertise and environmentally sensitive outlook.”
  5. “My outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities as a future HR professional make me a perfect fit for this position. I have experience in hiring and employee relations because of my internships. I am quite knowledgeable in promoting a good work environment and coordinating HR efforts with organizational objectives.”


Freshers have a great chance to demonstrate their talents and passion to potential employers when asked, “Why should we hire you?” During interviews, you may stand out from the crowd and leave a positive impression by being well-prepared and providing a well-structured response.

To improve your interview preparedness and increase your confidence, use resources like the Firstnaukri Personalised Interview Questions and Answers. You’ll stand out as a strong applicant for the job of your dreams if you demonstrate your abilities, enthusiasm, and dedication.

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FAQs on Why Should We Hire You?

Why should we hire you for this position?

I should be hired because I provide the ideal combination of pertinent experience and abilities. I’ll be an invaluable asset to your team because of my track record of achieving goals and my capacity for rapid adaptation to new situations.

What makes you the best fit for this job?

I have a thorough grasp of the sector and have a track record of delivering great outcomes, making me the perfect candidate for this position. I’m confident I’ll succeed in this position because of my passion for constant growth.

How to answer ‘Why should we hire you?’ in an interview?

To answer this question effectively, focus on your unique strengths and experiences that align with the job requirements. Showcase your enthusiasm, relevant skills, and how you can contribute to the company’s success.

What are the top qualities employers look for when hiring?

Employers look for applicants who can effectively communicate, solve problems, and have a good attitude. Additional desirable qualities that set a candidate apart are adaptability, collaboration, and a desire to learn.

How to stand out among other job applicants in interviews?

To stand out, highlight your accomplishments and exhibit a thorough comprehension of the requirements of the company. Be confident in communicating your worth as a possible employee and demonstrate your passion for the position and the company’s objective.


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