AmbitionBox aims to help employees find their dream companies and applaud and encourage the companies to continue their amazing work.

With this aim, AmbitionBox presents its first edition of the Best Companies to Work in India 2021 Awards!

The categories have been distinguished into the following major categories;

  • Best Mega Companies in India 2021
  • Best Large Companies in India 2021
  • Best Mid-sized Companies in India 2021
  • Best Small Companies in India 2021
  • Best Tech Startup Companies in India 2021

In this award series, top companies are recognized and awarded based on the ratings of the employees who have worked in the particular company in 2020.

In this blog, we shall talk about our second-place winner for the Best Mega Companies in India 2021, Samsung (established in 1969, and has headquarters in Seoul, South Korea).

About Samsung & employee reviews

Samsung has been a leading player in the Consumer Electronics & Appliances industry and is amongst the Top 10 global brands in the field.

This 83-year-old organization has received an overall rating of 4.15 from its employees.

Let’s find out what the employees have to say about Samsung, clearly the organization has a very good work environment and supportive management which plays a crucial role in an employee’s eyesight.


Here’s what employees of Samsung have rated the company based on different categories;

Salary offered by Samsung

Salary is one of the major contributors to employee satisfaction and Samsung has been rated 3.9 by almost 4.3K employees out of the 13.4K salaries shared.

Here are a few most shared salaries shared on Samsung’s page on AmbitionBox.

Software engineer Salary

Based on the 525 salaries received from the employees, the Software Engineer’s salary ranges from 7.1-22 LPA. The average Samsung Software engineer salary in India is ₹ 13.1 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 11 years.

Assistant Manager salary

Based on the 352 salary reviews by the employees of Samsung, a Samsung Assistant Manager salary ranges between 5.5-15.2 LPA based on experience. With less than 1 year of experience a Samsung Assistant Manager salary is approximately9.1LPA.

Manager Salary

Based on the 280 salary estimates a Samsung’s Manager salary starts from 3.9LPA and goes as high as 28LPA based on experience.

Benefits offered by Samsung

Every company has specific benefits for their employees which help in employee satisfaction.

Samsung offers the most amazing benefits to its employees that not only benefit them at work but also aids in their work-life balance.

Here are a few most important benefits offered by Samsung to its employees.

Job Training

There are many types of learners, some require visual representations to understand, some prefer learning hands-on while others can learn from just theory. With such diverse learners, it is best to job train employees as it can eliminate any doubt on the spot and understand their tasks better.

Soft skills training

To begin with, soft skills are the interpersonal skills that help everyone navigate through their daily activities at work and in life. Soft skills play a very important role at work as it helps you to build team spirit, communicate effectively, etc.

Soft skills training by the company ensures that employees can better their time management, communication, problem-solving, develop strong leadership qualities, etc.

Team outings

Being a team player is extremely important at work to succeed and the best way to do so via team outings or team activities. Team outings help you to get settled and connect with your teammates, understanding your entire team is important when you need to work together.

Also, it helps to break the monotony out of the workspace.

Interview advice and Jobs at Samsung

According to the data collected by AmbitionBox, the highest percentage of candidates have landed a job interview with Samsung via referrals, followed by job portals and other sources.

If Samsung is your dream company, You can find out interview questions and answers based on job roles.

You can find out more about Samsung Interview advice on AmbitionBox and Jobs on Naukri.

All the Best!