Companies are now increasingly turning to online job interviews for screening and shortlisting candidates.

With virtual interviews becoming the new reality, it is important to familiarize yourself with the new virtual interview process.

If you have never faced any virtual interview before, don’t panic.

With simple tips and tricks, you can prepare to ace your upcoming online job interview.

Here are some common virtual interview mistakes and tips to avoid them.

1. Bad camera focus

You would not want to look out of the picture as soon as your interview starts due to a bad camera focus.

Moreover, setting your camera in front of your interviewer is certainly not a good idea and looks unorganized.

Tip: Test your camera functionality and angle before the interview starts. Your camera should ideally focus on your face straight and not the complete picture.

Bonus tip: Apart from the camera focus, don’t forget to check your video and audio quality.

2. Poor connectivity

Struggling with a bad internet connection can spoil your entire flow of conversation during an online job interview.

To have a great conversation with your interviewer, it is vital to ensure that you have a good internet connection.

Tips: Avoid last-minute connection on an online platform the interviewer has chosen to conduct an interview with you. This gives you sufficient time to check internet connectivity at your end and plan accordingly.

Bonus Tip: To avoid bandwidth issues, limit or avoid net surfing time of other members at home during your interview. This way you can avoid slow internet connection issues.

3. Wrong dressing

So what if it is an online interview? You still need to dress up professionally and not your pajamas or nightdress during the virtual call.

Many job seekers believe that as it is not a face-to-face interview and the interviewer cannot see them completely, wearing anything casual will work.

Tip: Dress up professionally and wear a business suit or shirt to look at your best. Remember, your first impression is the last impression.

Bonus tip: Dressing professionally makes you feel more focused and confident during an interview. Pick up your best professional attire and just go with it.

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4. Inappropriate eye contact

It’s important to maintain the right eye contact with the interviewer irrespective of whether it is a virtual or face-to-face interview.

Many job seekers are not clear where they should see during a virtual interview and end up staring at other places instead of the interviewer.

Tips: Instead of looking on your right, left, or down, the right way is to look at the interviewer when answering questions. This makes it look more engaging and confident. Staring at one space makes it look as if you are gazing somewhere.

5. Bad posture

Your posture conveys a lot about your overall personality.

Body posture and body language play an equally important role in a virtual interview.

Many candidates are not aware of how they should conduct their body movement and posture when attending an online interview and end up in a bad posture.

Tip: Sit up straight and comfortably on a chair and avoid leaning as it makes you appear too close to the camera. Slight hand gestures while you speak make the conversation look natural during the conversation.

Keep a smile on your face and nod whenever required to look attentive.

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6. Too many distractions

It is common to face distractions when you attend virtual interviews from your home.

Distraction could be anything- kids around, phone calls, messy surroundings, and a lot more.

Multi-tasking is a bad idea when you are attending an online interview.

Tip: Plan your day when you are aware of the date and time of your virtual interview. Arrange things at home, set up a clean background, keep kids engaged in other activities, and keep your phone setting on silent mode during the interview. Avoid sitting in a messy room and keep your background clean and clutter-free.

Bonus tip: Keep a pen and notepad during your interview to keep your focus completely on things you want to talk about in your interview. Use earphones to avoid any other distractions.

Everyone can make one or the other mistake in a job interview. That’s alright!

However, if you have not prepared to avoid these common virtual interview mistakes then it is not alright!

Remember, preparation is key to ace an online job interview.

With these tips, you will make a good first impression on the hiring manager.

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All the best!

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