Our fight with the COVID-19 pandemic has been an ordeal. With two painful and hectic waves behind us, we are still working hard to stay safe and healthy. At a time where maintaining sanity and calm seems almost impossible, remote working has become an integral aspect of our life.

With so much happening around us, several companies have extended support for their employees to make their lives easier.

From offering mental health assistance to reducing work hours, flexible schedules, lenient leave policies, medical aid, financial support, etc., many employers are supporting their employees during this time of distress.

In this blog, we will discuss a few popular companies and their employee care initiatives during the pandemic that truly make them great places to work.

1. InfoEdge

The fight against the pandemic has been an unusual one, and to help its employees win this battle, InfoEdge, the parent company of Naukri, has launched several COVID-19 related employee care initiatives to ensure the holistic well-being of everyone associated with the company.

To begin with, the company has not laid off people on account of COVID-19 and has not made any pay cuts either. To curb the aftermath of the pandemic, InfoEdge has opted for remote working methods and offers assistance to make this shift seamless for the employees.

Understanding the importance of sharing information, Naukri shared COVID-19 resources articles on the blog to spread awareness about remote working, job search, and market scenario during the pandemic.

Efforts have also been made to provide access to free teleconsultation through the Visit app to consult with COVID-19 specialists or general physicians for COVID-19 related concerns.

Moreover, they also launched their own SOS helpline to offer assistance in case of emergency or query.

For those testing positive, the organization has introduced a COVID-19 leave policy where those affected by the epidemic can take paid leaves to recover.

And to keep everyone updated about the current developments, the HR desk constantly communicates with the employees to track their vaccination status, share relevant information, and pandemic safeguards.

Here’s what an employee had to say about the company,


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2. HCL

HCL has carefully devised various employee care initiatives that are in line with Government-mandated protocols to curb the pandemic and help its workers and their families get through these difficult times.

The leading IT conglomerate is investing more than Rs. 100 crore to ensure free and timely vaccination for its employees, their families, and third-party vendors.

During the second wave, HCL increased its efforts to help employees and their families face the challenges with ease. With the focus on COVID-19 Care initiatives, HCL has successfully helped its associates overcome this health crisis.

HCL also partnered with hospitals across Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, etc., to provide easy treatment and isolation facilities for its employees. And with initiatives like COVID-19 Care Support, HCL has focused its resources to meet the immediate needs of its employees.

They also introduced a 24x7 COVID-19 care helpline to provide consultation and life coaching to ensure their physical and mental well-being.

From simple initiatives like partnering with organizations to deliver medicines, medical care, RT PCR, oximeters, thermometers, lab services, and food at home, to taking care of crucial things like emergency ambulances, oxygen concentrators, etc., HCL has made sure that their employees are given the best care possible.

Taking their care initiative a step ahead, HCL has also introduced a Family Assistance Program that offers support to the families of employees who lost their lives.

The program offers Compassionate Assistance Allowance, a lump sum amount given to the deceased’s family to manage their expenses, Child Education Support, to help their school-going children continue their education.

HCL has also come forward with employment opportunities for unemployed spouses or children who are 18& above based on their education, and skills.

Here’s one of the top reviews from an employee at HCL


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3. TCS

Across the globe, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has taken several measures to allow its employees to work with ease during these trying times.

With several basic measures like restricted travel, cancellation of internal meetings, and a safe work environment in place, TCS launched a Secure Borderless WorkSpaces Model (SBWS) to allow its associates to work from home.

Apart from this, Tata Sons and Tata Trust have pledged INR 1500 Crores to empower affected communities by providing PPE kits to frontline workers, respiratory systems, testing kits, modular treatment facilities, etc.

TCS has also extended various employee care benefits during the pandemic, some of which are medical benefits for its employees and their families, paid quarantine leave, and a 24x7 medical helpline for medical assistance and counseling.

Here’s what one of the employees had to say about TCS’ fight with COVID-19:


Not only this, but TCS also set up COVID-19 care centers across 11 cities in India at hotels that have tie-ups with hospitals to provide medical help to as many people as possible.

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4. Accenture

Accenture India is one of the leading MNCs in the country that has announced an array of COVID-19 related employee care initiatives.

Recently, Accenture pledged to donate Rs 185 crores in addition to their existing initiatives to help their staff and communities as they deal with the pandemic.

The firm has set up a 24x7 helpline that offers medical support, care at home facilities, high insurance cover, childcare plans, mental health support, and a sound infrastructure for COVID-19 testing and vaccination for its employees.

As per one of the employees, the company has also arranged for Tele-consultant services where the company’s associates and their families can access online consultation from responsive and helpful doctors.


Not only this, but Accenture is also helping by providing support and PPE kits to frontline workers, arranging for ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and food for poor people.

With plans to set up portable hospitals, Accenture is innovating to save the lives of its employees and those around them.

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5. Reliance India Ltd.

With plans to support their employees during the pandemic Reliance industries has announced several employee care initiatives to protect their employees.

To support the families of their employees who lost the battle with COVID-19, Reliance Industries has offered 5 years’ salary to the nominee and childcare support to shoulder the education of their children. The company will also cover the tuition costs, hostel accommodation, and books for all of the employee's children up to graduation at any institute in India under the Reliance Family Support and Welfare Scheme.

In case of the demise of an off-roll associate, the Reliance Foundation has committed a lump sum of Rs. 10 lacs to support their families.

The company has also introduced a liberal leave policy for employees affected by COVID-19 where they provide financial assistance of up to 3 months salary in advance in case of an emergency. Apart from this, all colleagues affected by the pandemic are eligible for the COVID-19 leave for the duration of their physical and emotional recovery.


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6. Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is lending a hand to its employees in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in more ways than one.

The company is preparing meals at in-house canteens to support workers and trainees staying near their offices. With around 7,000 food packets distributed for both lunch and dinner at Gurugram and Manesar, Maruti Suzuki is also providing kits of dry ration (including Rice, Atta, Cooking oil, Sugar, Soap, and other essential items) in villages like Kasan Alihar, Kho, Baas-Kusla in Manesar every day.

The company has also set up a 24x7 help desk to establish effective employee communication. Maruti Suzuki has not laid off people on account of COVID-19 and has made work from home mandatory, avoiding travel as much as possible.


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Our fight with COVID-19 still continues and after more than a year, we are all better prepared, a major credit for which goes to companies like these.

The above mentioned are just a few of many companies that are doing their bit to support and empower their employees, their families, and society. With pioneers like these setting the right precedent for others to follow, we can hope that together, we will emerge victorious in these difficult times.

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