Looking out for a job opportunity during these uncertain times? We are with you to help you ace your next job interview during the COVID crisis.

One question that is usually asked by any hiring manager in a job interview is – “Why do you want to work with us?”

While this question has always been a tricky one to handle, it becomes even more important how you respond to this question perfectly during the current scenario.

Whether the ongoing situation has forced you to look out for better job opportunities or you have been laid off, you would want to stand out in the crowd and grab the next lucrative job opportunity.

How you handle this common interview question plays a crucial role in getting shortlisted by an interviewer for the final job offer.

There can never be a ‘one-size fits all’ answer for any interview question.

Take the direction and tailor it as per your situation.

The three key points need to be focused on while responding to this commonly asked interview question-

  1. Establish credibility
  2. Prove your worth
  3. Emphasize on cultural fitment.

Here’s how you can go ahead with some useful tips on how to ace the interview question – “Why do you want to work with our company?”

1. Establish credibility

Any interview question is asked with a purpose.

When the interviewer asks you this question, he/she wants to know what you can do for the organization, are you aware of what motivates you to join the company and so on.

Here’s the chance to establish your credibility and prove that you are a potential candidate for the company.

So, your answer should focus on these points:

• Have you researched something about the company?
• Do you have an in-depth understanding of the company’s businesses?
• What are the company’s values and how your values are aligned with it?

Keeping these points in mind while framing the answer to this question will reinforce the idea that you are a credible and informed job seeker who understands the purpose of doing anything.

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2. Prove your worth

With hiring managers going slow in the hiring activity, don’t miss any opportunity to highlight what makes you better than your competitors.

The best way to highlight your worth for the organization is by mentioning what skills and qualities make you a perfect fit for the job opening.

The focus should be to address these key pointers:

• Are you qualified for the given role?

• Can you support your responses by quoting what you have achieved in the past?

• Do you possess the right skill sets that make you an ideal candidate for the company?

3. Focus on cultural fitment

With “work-from-home” becoming the new normal, employers would expect you to be aware of the resources available to work remotely.

While it is not an easy task for new employees and the company too, employers therefore, want to ensure how fit you are for the new work style while working remotely.

Shed a light on how you have successfully managed to work from home in your last job and understand remote communication tools to work smoothly.

You can also share any initiatives taken by you to come up with new business ideas for your previous company during the lockdown period.

This makes you look like a perfect and dedicated employee.

Many companies are on-boarding job seekers when they find the right candidate for their open vacancies.

Stay on top of your job search and ace the job interviews with the above shared tips.

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All the best!

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