Amidst the COVID pandemic, many companies have decided to freeze hiring.

But some companies and industries are still hiring as per their requirements.

For those who are still hiring, the social distancing requirements have moved them completely to online job interviews.

Now with the mark of the new era of virtual interviews, here are some useful tips for job seekers on how to ace your online job interviews.

1. Set your interview space

Choose a well-lit, clean, and quiet place with minimum distractions.

Make sure you have a working internet connection to avoid any interruptions.

For video interviews, it is advisable to download any necessary programs or software updates in advance and understand how to use it.

Keep a note pad and pen ready with you.

Check your webcam and yes, don’t forget to keep your phone on silent.

2. Dress appropriately

Alright, it is an online interview and not a usual face-to-face interview, but still, you need to dress appropriately.

For remote interviews, ensure you dress up professionally and look presentable.

3. Listen actively

Many candidates face an issue to concentrate properly at the time of online interviews.

Avoid daydreaming and listen carefully to what the interview is saying before responding randomly.

At times due to poor connectivity, you can face audio delays.

To avoid any such issues, wait a few seconds to avoid cutting the interviewer in between, understand and, then speak.

4. Body language

Just like face-to-face interviews, you need to maintain the right body language in a video interview.

Sit up straight and look at the interviewer while speaking.

Maintaining proper eye contact makes you look attentive and helps to interact properly.

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5. Prepare interview questions

Don’t forget to practice some common interview questions and also keep a list of questions ready for the interviewer.

Practicing some of the common interview questions helps you to stay prepared and answer confidently.

6. Follow-up

While you should avoid following up immediately after an interview, you can check once with the hiring manager after a gap of 7 days or more.

For any open position, hiring managers also interview several other candidates and therefore, need some time to confirm your selection status.

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Stay informed, stay ahead!

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