Common interview questions can prove to be tricky & exhausting since the competition has become far fiercer.

Every question asked has relevant significance, so does every answer. Questions like “What do you know about our company?” have quite an importance during interviews.

In modern times, due to competition, employers can afford to be choosy in selecting the right candidate.

In this blog, we shall discuss ways to answer a common interview question "What do you know about our company?"

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What do you know about our company?

Sample Answer 1

This company was founded in 2009 with a vision to change the lives of customers across the board. Since the initial years, your firm has revolutionized the X sector in the country.

With only fewer projects in initial years, today this company has multiple projects across the length & breadth of the country.

Apart from this, your company also has taken initiatives to change the lives of people. Some of such initiatives being the ABC program, the XYZ program, etc.

The growth chart of your company has been exceptional & the future looks startlingly bright. Indeed, I have always wanted to be a part of your firm & learn from the best.

Sample Answer 2

Working with ABC Company is a dream come true for any professional seeking to soar new heights in his/her career. The level of professionalism, learning & work culture which runs in the DNA of this company, holds strong value to professionals like us.

The growth at which your company is growing is staggering & your recent advertising campaigns have taken advertising industry by storm. The numbers speak for themselves, from XX followers on social platforms, today your firm has XX followers.

This speaks volumes about the growth of the company. This is the right place for me as I see future growth in this firm.

Sample Answer 3

Well, honestly I have been following your work for a pretty long time. I appreciate the vision of your company to provide quality to customers. I have heard so much about the culture of learning in your company & always wanted to work with this firm.

The X campaign, which your company spearheaded is still considered to be quite a case study in modern-day advertising.
If I am shortlisted, I am sure my career shall take a new path of experience & learning from the best.

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Sample Answer 4

Since the foundation of your company in 2009, I have always felt a strong connection to its core values & working environment. I have read reviews of your company on websites like AmbitionBox & found employees of your firm writing great reviews about your firm.

Apart from that, I am so impressed by the way your company has shown progress over the years, that i had made up my mind to work with your firm someday.

Initiatives such as the pledge taken by this company in adopting a plastic-free environment is so much appreciable.

The awards & recognitions earned by your company surely speaks volumes about the growth of your firm. A career with your firm is a dream come true for me.

Sample Answer 5

Founded by three friends in 2009, your company has given what most corporates couldn’t give. A reliable business model, work-life balance & giving something back to society.

Since the initial days of your firm, just like me, most of the people knew that your company had the potential to grow big.

The ABC program which you had started for the XYZ community is still rolling eyeballs. The way your company takes care of its employees through the right work-life balance is quite impressive.

I am a strong believer in teamwork & I am sure that in your company, I will have all the chances to showcase my abilities with a quality workforce.

Why do interviewers ask the question “What do you know about our company”?

Usually, interviewers ask this question during the interview to understand if the candidate is truly interested in the opportunity.

The more the candidate has researched about the company, the more chances are that the candidate looks forward to a fruitful career in this firm.

It also shows the level of preparation the candidate has gone through to crack that particular interview.

After all, it’s the commitment to the job that matters the most.

One of the other reason is also to understand the professionalism of the candidate.
The way a candidate answers this question shows his/her level of professionalism & confidence.

Gone are the days when interviewers were mere formalities to find a job. These days the fate of a candidate solely lies on cracking an interview amidst high competition.

Websites such as AmbitionBox helps candidates find questions asked during an interview in various companies.

A well-prepared candidate has already won half the battle.

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Best of luck!

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