1. Who gave it the name Monday blues?
  2. Monday Motivation.
  3. Story of Socrates & His Disciple.
  4. Leadership.
  5. Qualities of a leader.
  6. Leadership at work.
  7. Self Motivation.

“Why do Monday blues knock off the working shoes?” ever asked yourself that? Monday! Once inducted in the English dictionary as a mere name given to a specific day now has become a synonym for a gloomy workday.

Sudden evolution has eventually forced humanity to answer questions about whereabouts of our origin, however, none want to find the source of lazy blues of a working Monday.

Who gave it the name Monday blues?

According to The Historical Development of the Present Political Constitution of the Germanic Empire (London 1970), the word Monday blues originated from Germany, wherein the working class gave the name “Blauer Montag” or “Blue Monday” to a Monday where none of the people worked especially due to a celebration or due to excessive festive indulgence during the weekend.

However, according to a 2005 press release of a travel company “Sky Travels”, it claimed that Blue Monday was a name given to the third Monday in the month of January, which was considered the most depressing day of that year. The company also claimed to have cracked this concept through an equation which takes into account the weather conditions that time & is only applicable to the Northern Hemisphere.
Seems strange?

Well, that’s history for you basking under its unique glory but surely none ever thought that this phrase would travel all over the world & find a place in the professional corridors of corporate culture.

Monday Motivation

The gloominess of Monday looms so large that numerous Monday motivation quotes have been dedicated to inspire & motivate a professional workforce to overcome the psychological hurdle of Monday blues.

“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier & healthier life.”
-Germany Kent

“When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions.“
– Edmond Mbiaka

The only thing which makes the whole idea of a gloomy Monday come to shame is Motivation or willingness to start as a clean slate. Motivation is a defining aspect of work culture which not only enhances willingness to work but also draws a blueprint for a successful career.

Usually its understandable not to be passionate about work due to being stuck in a wrong profession. Indeed in modern times, technology provides us with a solution to that too.

Watch "Dragging yourself To work everyday" maybe you find your way to a dream job.

“Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”
---Bradley Whitford

Indeed it makes a resounding sense to take responsibility for your actions. Imagine your career racing down a sudden downhill path, would you still consider passing the buck or take decisive action to pull it towards the desired outcome?

Self Motivation

The zeal which makes you try hard in life, no matter how much messed up the situations is, no matter how much sweat falls down your brow, the sheer will to steer your life on own your terms is called self-motivation.

A kind of motivation that isn’t correlated with the external situational aspect. Self-motivation can prove to be the best catalyst to fume the desire for success if used in a channelized manner.

Ever heard of a leader who isn’t self-motivated? Look back at history, turn around its dusty pages, none can find a leader who wasn’t strong-willed to do what he/she did. All great leaders in the course of history have had powerful morale which pressed upon their assertion among their fellow companions.

It is because of this that they managed to leave their footprint in history. The vision which they emboldened within their minds, brightened with the courage to believe in their strength.

Story of Socrates & His Disciple

A famous story of the legendary Greek philosopher “Socrates”, quite beautifully explains the virtue which makes a person truly be successful.

Once the Greek philosopher was asked by one of his students to train him to be successful in life. Upon hearing such a request, Socrates asked the student to walk with him through the banks of the river of life.

As both of them started walking, the Greek philosopher asked his student to get on his knees amidst the river & watch the current close enough. Obeying his teacher, the student did as told. However, Socrates held him by his head & pushed it into the strong current. While the student writhed for breath, all he could do was struggle & somehow try to free himself from the grip of his teacher.

In a desperate struggle to be alive, the student in a desperate yet miraculous bid to stay alive pulled his head out of the water with a sudden powerful pull. While thanking God for little mercies, the student furiously started looking for an answer to what Socrates was trying to do.

To this, Socrates asked a rather amusing question; What was that one thing you wanted more than anything in this world while you were in that water? To which the student replied; “Air to breathe”.

Socrates replied with a subtle calm on his face; “When you want success the way you wanted to breathe while you were in that water, then for sure success shall come to you”.

A million minds, a million perceptions! Now it’s up to you how do you want to perceive this story. However, reflection of right guidance with the right passion to go far in life were the standouts in this story.

A leader has the power to not only have a genuine stand nut also an ability to leave a mark on the very foundation pillars of society. Not only does a true leader inspire people but also leaves people introspecting to bring out the best within them.


“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”
--Sheryl Sanberg

How many of us can proudly look back with a gallant smile knowing that we have inspired so many others? How many lives have we touched to heed positivity within people? Indeed all of us can’t be certain to own a claim.

Here is where leadership is showcased. A leader knows his/her audience, knows how to encourage passion within masses & above all has self-motivation which radiantly reflects within the aura of his/her personality.

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Qualities of a leader

Though one can argue for the longest of the time about qualities which a leader should possess, however, some fundamentals should be apt. These can be the defining principles for someone to inspire people.


A leader knows what to say, how to say & when to say. Not just mere speaking but also listening patiently. A complete effective communication circle makes him/her approachable.


Be honest to yourself & others. Accept & apologize when wrong, Forgive when you have to, appreciate from time to time, Learn to give credit to people than yourself. Keeping others ahead of you is a selfless act of compassion & appreciation.


If you cant find motivation within yourself, forget expecting the society or peers to find inspiration in you. Be the hope even if it all seems in despair. Lead from the front, provide solutions rather than adding to problems.


“Yeah! It was my fault”; "I take full responsibility"; how many times have you heard these words? It rarely happens when people take ownership of actions than just passing the guilt. This is what makes a leader stand apart. A quality to take responsibility & not blame it on others is a trait a few possess.

Humility & Honesty

Be humble! That s probably the least we can do for a fellow human being. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just to get into good books of people. Indeed it might help you for a little while but in the journey of life, of course, pretense doesn’t go far. Makes sure people respect & accept you with all your flaws & goods. Indeed that's is for the better good.

Convincing Power

Convince or contradict, these two are the most powerful ways to assert visibility within the masses. A good leader should have an extraordinary skill to convince for what he/she respectfully contradicts & rightly contradicts what he/she believes isn’t convincing enough.

Indeed a lot of skills can be added or argued upon as a point of view may differ, however above mentioned qualities of a leader can act as a foundation stone to gauge the rightful resemblance of a strong leader.

Leadership at work

While you toil hard to meet your deadlines, looking up to your mentors at work is quite a confidence-building feeling. Knowing that someone got your back can prove to be quite a stress buster. However, it takes quite a lot to be that person everyone looks up to at work.

Apart from excellence in work, taking initiative & charge, helping people to overcome work tasks, motivating your colleagues all to add up to make you that leader at work.

While Monday blues hang onto people at work, it takes quite extraordinary motivation to overcome the notion of gloomy Monday to make every day of your working week productive & positive. Learn to take initiative, indeed it harnesses the skill which a true leader should possess.

Help your colleagues with the best of your knowledge & intention. Be respectful towards your colleagues & make sure you earn their trust with a positive intent.

The co-relation between concepts like Monday blues & leadership is much deep-rooted. While days like Mondays have found their way in the psychology of the workforce, its only counter is a truthful self-motivated leader, which seems to be in each one of us. Some of us bask under the shadow of zeal to excel even on a gloomy Monday, others prefer to go with the gloomy feeling.

Every grown-up person has a right to decide which path to choose, none can be termed wrong. However, on a professional front, Mondays are all it takes to stand out as a leader no matter how gloomy the blue seems.