1. What is Java Programming?
  2. What does a Java programmer do?
  3. Why build a career in java programming?
  4. Pros & Cons of Java programming Career.
  5. Qualifications of a Java programmer
  6. Java developer Jobs In India.Java developer Job Roles.
  7. Java developer Salaries.
  8. Java developer Skills.
  9. JVM(Java Virtual Machine).
  10. Java programming tools
  11. Java developer Career Path.Tips to get a job as Java developer.
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What is Java? I guess this sometimes crosses our minds, especially those who work in an IT environment. Well, broadly speaking Java programming is an essential part of the whole IT industry.

In this blog, we shall discuss what is java? scope of java programming in india & various ways to start a successful career in JAVA programming.

What is Java programming?

Java programming is broadly defined as language used for computer programming which is concurrent in nature, is broadly class-based & object-oriented.

The whole frame of focus behind developing java language is to reduce implementation dependencies as much as possible.

Java programming language works on the principle of WORA (Write once, run anywhere) which broadly means that once the code is compiled, it can be run on all java supported platforms without being rewritten.

Java is a statically typed programming language used to build tasks like web development, android development, enterprise-class application, and IoT.

What does a Java programmer do?

Primarily Java programmers are the main force behind designing, developing & managing the java code before running it on all Java supported platforms. The larger an organization, the wider the role.

Most java programmers work on a wide number of projects so mostly there job roles cant be fixed as such, however, to simplify the responsibility, java programmers can work on specific applications repeatedly till desired results are achieved.

It is a widely-used programming language that runs on any machine with Java Virtual Machine. It is similar to Python or JavaScript, as it is a general-purpose programming language similar to them.

Why build a career in Java programming?


According to IBEF, IT industry has grown leaps & bounds since its first establishment in 1990's. Starting with mere 5000 employees & nearly exports of $100 million, now stands at $90 billion IT exports(2019), going strong with 4.1 million workforce currently.

Currently, the IT sector in India stood tall & strong at $177 billion in 2019, growing at a rate of 6.1% every year. Current estimates show the growth of the IT industry to $350 billion by the year 2025.

Previously in 2018-19, the IT industry of India grew to a sizable amount with IT exports at $181 billion.


India is one of the most preferred outsourcing destination for the world. Since the infrastructure & growth of the Indian IT sector is so immensely sizable, big giants have started looking towards India as an IT paradise.

This has created much demand in the IT sector for the right workforce & bringing in stronger career prospects for IT professionals.

Export revenues are estimated to grow at 7-9% year on year, expected to reach a figure of $135-137 billion (2019).

The demand is on a growth curve & IT professionals have all the right reasons to believe that India is on the right path to promise them a lasting career in the IT industry.

Pros and cons of java career

Pros Cons
Good packages Competition is high
Growing demand Constant desk work
Option to freelance Long working hours
Creative work Stressful work

Qualifications of a java programmer?

Certification Course:
To become a java programmer you need to have a college degree with java programming certification from recognized institutions. The opportunities for Java career are abundant worldwide.

Java developer jobs in India

Jobs Naukri Indeed Monster LinkedIn Total
Java developer 16.4k 10k 8k 12k 46k
Java manager 78820 4,549 2,179 1,116 86,664

Java Developer job role

Role Major responsibilities
Java Programmer/Developer Writing testable, efficient and well-designed codes, Work in producing and preparing of software components
Java Manager Supervising, refining all custom application coding process, Ensure that designed codes are properly commanding the required specification

Java developer salaries

The developers get handsome pay. In the USA, 77% of java developer pays are higher than average pay scale. In India, the starting pay scale for a Java developer begins at 4.5 lacs per annum.

Job role Average annual salary (0-3 years of experience) Salary Range (LPA)
Java Developer 3 - 4L 9-12
Java IT Manager 20L 10-40L

Java developer skills

Core Skills

Skill Details
Technical Knowledge Technological Proficiency in software such as Enterprise Java Beans, Oracle database SQL, and JDBC, Data structures, XML, X query, XSL
Attention To Detail Thoroughly checking even the minute details while devising a code, a small minute error can waste so much more time.
Management skills Ability to manage team, time & resources most efficiently.

JVM(Java Virtual Machine)

JVM is an abstract machine that helps the computer to execute a Java program. The following are the easy steps of JVM operation.

  1. First, the compiler compiles the bytecode
  2. JVM translates bytecode into native machine code.
    Native machine code is a set of instructions directly executed by a computer CPU. Java is platform-independent since it is programmed for JVM and not the physical machine.

Java programming tools

Job role Tools
Java Developer Enterprise Java Beans, Oracle database SQL, and JDBC, Data structures, XML, X query, XSL

Java developer career path

Career Path 1:

Complete your 10th class-----Start studying Science in 12th class---- Complete your 12th class---- Apply for entrance exams-----Get admission in BE(Computer Science)----Get online Java certification courses----Apply for a job & become a Java developer.

Career Path 2:

Complete your 10th class-----Get a diploma course in computer science ---- Get online JAVA certification courses-----Apply for java developer jobs & become a java developer.

There are many promising certification exams to get certified in java programming. The requirements for Java certification are not specific, but a sufficient understanding of the language and its applications is necessary. Java programmers need to be aware of how to compile, update, and modify Java-based applications in the programming language.

Tips to get a job as Java developer

You can choose your career path based on your expertise in the Java programming language. You can find specialization in one of the four major fields as you follow a foundational career path.

All these fields are established and can be implemented for the simple career trajectory beginning with junior programming and finishing as a manager.

Get a niche in mind, like back-end use or Android growth and start pursuing it more logically.

The degrees and certifications open the way to software or technical service company as a Java programmer.

Java programmers may qualify as administrators of programming or information systems or software developers after gaining some industry experience.

Experienced programmers who are familiar with marketing can use positions as computer system analysts.

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