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Fresher Resume Format 2020 – Ready to Use Resume Templates for College Graduates

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Whether you are a college grad or are just about to finish your degree, please do not ignore your resume. Read this article to create the best fresher resume format and land a job like a boss! We have also curated ways to list down important information so that your future employer gets convinced about you. The current fresher resume format you are using might not contain all the relevant details. If you want to create a professional resume, follow a fixed set of guidelines that we have listed in this article.


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Time to craft a fresher resume perfectly. Here, you will read are some of the best formatted resumes for both technical and non-technical graduates. These formats are highly appreciated by HR managers. Using them will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Just tweak these fresher resume formats with your profile-specific data. Tweak the fresher resume formats to your liking as per your academic qualifications and desired job profile.

Resume Format for Fresher Engineers and Technical Graduates 🤓


Contact No.: xxx
E-Mail: ansh**
Date of Birth: 8th December, 19**
Languages: English, Hindi

A budding professional with a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science from XYZ Engineering College with 87% marks. Fortes include coding in multiple languages, database, logical thinking & ability to deliver under pressure.

## Languages Known: C, C++, Java
## Technologies: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, JAVA
## Web Technologies: HTML, CSS
## Scripting Languages: Java Script
## Database: SQL Server
## Operating Systems: All Windows environments, LINUX

## Tech. (Computer Science) from XYZ Engineering College, in 20** with 87% marks
## HSC from CBSE in 20** with 80% marks
## SSC from CBSE in 20** with 83% marks

Online Examination Portal
Developed a web-based portal in Combination of ASP.NET and AJAX. The site was developed using in-memory ‘Cookie’ concept. Project had 2 modules namely student module and online test module. I developed the application with Ajax and validation controls.

## 2-month project on J2EE Technology at IIT Bombay
## Week long training at Capgemini

## Batch Gold Medalist consecutively for 3 years in a row
## NTSE Scholar in Class X
## Football team captain of college
## Athletics champion during school days

Resume format 2019
Football, Running, Athletics, Board Games, Playing Music, Swimming, Watching classic English movies, Travelling, Photography etc.

Resume Format for Fresher Non-Technical Graduates 😊


Contact No.: xxx
E-Mail: rgupta**
Date of Birth: 17th April, 19**
Languages: English, Hindi

A budding professional with a B. Com (Hons.) in Accounting & Finance from XYZ University with 95% marks (distinction). Fortes include thorough knowledge of accounting, strong analytical skills, organizational ability and public relation.

## Operating Systems: All Windows environments
## MS Office suites: 2003 onwards
## Internet Savvy
## Technical: Basic C, Tally, Accounting, MS-Excel

## Com. (Hons) in Accounting & Finance from XYZ University with 95% marks
## HSC from CBSE in 20** with 99% marks (Commerce)
## SSC from CBSE in 20** with 95% marks

## Tally

## Batch Topper and Gold Medalist – consecutively for 2 years in a row
## Indian National Olympiad Scholar (Mathematics) in Classes X and XI
## All India Camel Color Contest Champion
## Indian Photography Festival Participant

Dancing, Singing, Writing, Debating, Story-telling, Hiking, Biking, Soccer, Indoor Games, Target Shooting, Interior Decoration etc.


Fresher Resume Format for Fresher Computer Science Engineers

In CS or computer science, your technical skills matter the most, sometimes even more than your academics. These skills would include Mathematics, Problem-solving, Computer and technology knowledge, Programming languages, Software development so on and so forth. So, while drafting your resume in C.Sc, ensure that your skills get well highlighted in your fresher resume.

Contact No.: xxx
E-Mail: rgupta**
Date of Birth: 17th April, 19**
Languages: English, Hindi

To succeed in an environment of excellence and growth so as to earn a job that renders complete job satisfaction and self-development.

## Languages Known: C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS
## Frameworks Known: MVC Framework, Angular JS
## Application Software: Apache Tomcat, Exlipse
## Database Knowledge: Oracle, SQL Server

## B. Tech in C.Sc from ABC Engg. College, Patna with 9.1 CGPA
## 12th Science from XY Model School, Patna with 95% marks in ICSE Board
## 10th from XY Model School, Patna with 96% marks in CBSE Board

## PHP Certified from XYZ Institute in year 2019
## J2EE Certified from IBM in year 2019

## Top scorer in Hackathon 2019 in college
## Cloud Computing Oration Winner at Workshop 2019
## C++ coding bootcamp winner in 2019
## Business Communication Club president

Watching TED Talks, Playing Badminton and Managing an Entrepreneurship Club


Fresher Resume Format for Accounts / Finance / Banking Job Applicant

Check a ready-made sample of an accounting resume here.

Contact No.: xxx
E-Mail: Kiara**
Date of Birth: 10th January, 19**
Languages: English, Hindi

A budding professional with a B.Tech. degree in Economics from XYZ School of Economics with 98% marks. Fortes include General Ledger, SAGE, Zoho Books, Microsoft Office, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Financial Research, Audits.

## M&A Due Diligence
## Forecasting & Projections
## Taxation
## Compliance
## Standards
## Financial Statements

## Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Administration from XYZ School of Economics, 98%, Batch Topper
## HSC from CBSE in 20** with 90% marks
## SSC from CBSE in 20** with 93% marks

Online Auditing Portal
Selected for the position of audit reviewer in ABC Audit Quality Review Process (AQRP) from 2019 and 2020. Assessed quality of audits completed by auditing partners and reported findings to senior auditor.

## Financial modeling and due diligence to evaluate proposed start up acquisition at DSE, Delhi
## Week long training at PQR Technologies

## Batch Gold Medalist consecutively for 3 years in a row
## AITSE Scholar in Class X
## Basketball team captain of college
## Swimming champion during school days

Swimming, Basketball, Classical Dancing, Movies, Travel, Photography etc.

Fresher resume format guidelines you should follow in 2020

Here are some guidelines that you need to stick to while preparing your resume for an upcoming campus placement.

1. The document should be visually appealing and not garish. Avoid bright colors like yellow, orange and red. Stick to subtle shades of blue and black.

2. Ensure that your name, phone number and email address are correctly entered on the header.

3. Long gone are the days of super wordy professional summaries. Today’s HR wants to read all about you in just 2 crisp lines. So, write an impactful two-liner at the top of your resume.

4. Use bullet pointers to write down all the key skills, projects, technologies and trainings.

5. Do mention all your courses, certifications, accolades and noteworthy awards. Do not mention that you were the elocution champion in class 2. Don’t get into the nitty-gritties as no one is interested. You can rather speak about it when asked like this, “I have always been a top orator. My oratory skills have won me several awards in the past.”

6. End your one or max 2 pager resume on a lighter note, preferably with ‘hobbies and interests’. If you do not have any, it is ok to skip the part.

💡Quick Tips For Fresher Resumes


💡Tip 1: After you craft your resume, ask a trustworthy friend to read it. This exercise will help you to eliminate blind spots.

💡Tip 2: Ensure 0 spelling/grammatical errors in your fresher resume document or pdf file. Use an online spell-checker tool to cross-verify.

Short checklist for a perfect fresher resume in 2020

Points in the below checklist will prove useful to both freshers and professionals alike.

✅ Add your contact information at the top. (Refer the samples shown above.)

✅ Don’t forget to add a summary or headline in one short sentence.

✅  List your previous internship experiences and training data.

❌ Kindly, do not list your complete education history!

❌ Kindly, do not extend your resume beyond 1 to 2 pages!

Whatever may be the case, your resume will lead you to success. This simple paper will offer you with an opportunity to create a lasting first impression on a recruiter or HR manager. Using the above templates, which have been meticulously prepared by career counselors at, you will be able to land a job interview in no time. Put in your best efforts so that this interview materializes into your dream first job.

Stay focused, work hard and go for it. All the best! 👍

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