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10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Hired As A Fresher

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Posted by FirstNaukri Mar 02, 2020

Are you having a tough time looking for your first job? Do not worry! It’s commonplace for freshers and job applicants with little experience to commit common mistakes while searching for a relevant job opening. Since the process of job hunting is a mammoth task, it may take a toll on your self-esteem and sometimes even your wallet! After applying to dozens of companies and even after landing a decent number of interviews, people without any success feel discouraged. In this article we have tried to underline these common mistakes of job search process, so that you can target specific areas, improve on them and eventually get spotted by a recruiter.

Do not rationalize your lack of experience 

Once you are at a juncture where you have no job and are unable to land one even after a series of interviews, you may rationalize your being a fresher by blaming external factors:

“The market is going through a rough patch / tough phase.”

“There aren’t many currently many opportunities in my field.”

“There’s too much competition for too few jobs.”

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Guess what, freshers without work experience are actually getting hired! Despite the market being tough right now, please note that you are either doing something wrong or not doing something very important, which can get you hired.

Reasons why you may not be getting the job

1. Not being proactive.

Don’t wait around for your dream job to land in your lap! In order to be a successful job seeker, you have to proactively pursue your jobs and leads, and actively strategize your job search.


If you lack the requisite skills for a particular job, consider an online course and upgrade your skill sets. Also, try to connect with a relevant group by participating in webinars, seminars, industry networking meets, meetups or events.

Build a strong correlation with career success by having a proactive personality. According to research, proactivity is a belief that empowers positive changes in current circumstances. This can lead to your dream job, salary achievement, meeting promotion objectives and boosted career satisfaction.

In other words, your power and ability to achieve your career goals will ensure that you succeed. Try to believe in yourself and in your power to do everything that you want to, and you will surely come out of where you are right now – and land your first job.

2. Lack of passion

Please avoid applying to positions that don’t excite you. Not only you, but even your potential employer can sense a lack of passion in you. Your skills are visible to employers and they know that the ones you lack can be taught. However, your passion must accompany the whole thing.


In case you are excited about your job, try and write down your expectations in your cover letter and interview. Explain your reasons about why you want his job? Also share ideas about why you are excited to explore this position.

3. Lack of confidence

Your resume and interview are two great chances to sell yourself. When you are all set to job hunt, try to clearly convey your skills, knowledge, and education. In case you are unable to land your job, it is nobody’s fault but your own.


Tamper your confidence with humility and care. Share all your past accomplishments with much pride in your work. Put these in words in your resume and also speak up positively about it in your interview.

4. Lack of self-worth in CV

When you create your fresher resume in 2020 or beyond, do it thoughtfully and diligently.


Your resume must accurately showcase your suitability for the job and once that is done, you will be able to impress the interviewer. Follow some best practices to create a killer resume as shown in the image below.

best resume format resume sample for 2020

5. Poor research

Please take time to learn about the company as your employer would want you to. Not knowing the name of the CEO,board of directors, products and services, or not knowing where the head office is can show that you are disinterested or lazy.


So take some time before the interview to research the company online. Its ok not to know all the company’s inner workings, but having a good grasp on publicly available information is always a plus.

6. Do not communicate a sense of entitlement

Are you planning to attend your interview with a list of demands? Having a general salary expectation is fine, but demanding for six weeks of vacation, a specific pay band and amenities like cabs, travel reimbursement, ESOPs etc. on day 1 can put your interviewer off. This would culminate into a huge red flag for your file. Moreover, if you plan to be so demanding in the interview, the interviewer will doubt how much more demanding will you become after you join them.


Avoid red flags. Come off as a promising candidate. Also, do not play a victim or crib about a past internship / job / professor. Be optimistic and do not put forth any demands so early in your career. Also, avoid getting obsessed over compensation. Salary negotiation and discussion has a time and place and would surely happen in your case, only if you clear the interview round first.

7. Over qualification / Under qualification

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues for job seekers who are impatient. Consistently applying for your dream job despite less or no experience and irrelevant education will not make you a dream candidate! It will only show your desperation for this job (or any other fresher job!).


Don’t be willing to take something (or anything!) as your first job. Aim high enough but be practical. When you aim too low, you should be passionate about the field. Do not just do it for the doings sake.

8. No industry connection

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

People sometimes need connection to join the corporate workforce and climb up the ladder. Only with the help of real connections can you rise to your desired level of competence in your career.

Also, today’s highly competitive job market, having references and connections is indispensable. All the employers out there are keen to hire internally, or stick to a reliable sphere of connections to find matching candidates.


Ensure to become a part of the circle by putting yourself out there. Regularly attend conferences, networking groups and industry events and keep your eyes and ears open to meet influences.

9. Wrong impression

Your interview is your one chance to impress a potential employer. Please do not speak or do anything that would send out a wrong impression.


While you are job hunting, step back and rethink what you are doing wrong. Gather the courage to send an email to a past interviewer and inquire why you did not land the job. Maintain a note and add points to it for quick reference. Also, after an interview, ask the interviewer politely to share feedback about the interaction as and when they can.

10. Wrong Cover Letter

Did not make an effort to tailor your cover letter to the job application? In that case, a hiring manager will obviously not read it!


Its time to market yourself like a professional would. Try to highlight all your salient information in your CV and draft a cover letter too.

Write a convincing application letter or cover letter to accompany your CV/resume in a job application.

Hope you will follow these points and prepare confidently. Get hired soon! All the best. 😃

What are some other reasons you’re not getting hired? If you’re an employer, what are your biggest resume and interview turn-offs? Share your thoughts with us on on our Facebook page! You can also connect with us on Twitter and Instagram for latest interview tips, recruitment solution updates and fresher job openings. 




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