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How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume? – Best Tips and Samples

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Posted by Aarna Tiwari Dec 13, 2023

Having an ATS-friendly resume is more crucial than ever in today’s competitive job market. A software program called an application tracking system, or ATS examines resumes and chooses the best applicants for further consideration. A well-written resume that is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is essential for obtaining job interviews in today’s digital employment market. It’s crucial for recent grads and job searchers to know how to write an ATS-friendly resume. 

Your prospects of being invited to an interview are higher if your resume is within the ATS’s initial screening. This article will provide you with valuable tips and sample formats to optimize your resume and increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

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  1. What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
  2. How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume?
  3. What are ATS Resume Keywords?
  4. ATS-Friendly Resume Formats
  5. Why is it Important to Have an ATS-friendly Resume?
  6. Tips for Writing an ATS-Friendly Resume
  7. How to Run an ATS Check on Your Resume?
  8. Why Should You Use Firstnaukri ATS Resume?
  9. FAQs on ATS-Friendly Resume

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Businesses scan resumes using an applicant tracking system (ATS), which identifies the best prospects for further consideration. A wide range of enterprises, from tiny firms to major multinationals, employ ATS systems.

The ATS initially scans your resume when you submit it online. The ATS will scan your application for certain terms and phrases related to the position you’re applying for. Your resume will be sent to a human recruiter for additional assessment if the appropriate keywords are included in it.

How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Writing an ATS-friendly resume is crucial to ensure your application gets past automated systems and reaches human recruiters. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create an ATS-friendly resume:

  • Use an ATS-Compatible Format: Save your resume in a common format like .docx or .pdf to ensure compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Simple and Clean Layout: Opt for a clean, simple resume format without complex formatting, images, or graphics that can confuse ATS algorithms.
  • Choose Standard Fonts: Use standard, easily readable fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Avoid fancy or decorative fonts.
  • Standard Section Headings: Keep section headings standard (e.g., “Experience,” “Education”) to help ATS categorize your information accurately.
  • Include a Skills Section: Create a dedicated skills section with relevant keywords. Mirror the language used in the job description.
  • Tailor Your Resume for Each Application: Customize your resume for each job by incorporating specific keywords and phrases from the job description.
  • Incorporate Keywords Naturally: Integrate keywords seamlessly into your resume, ensuring they fit contextually within your skills and experience sections.
  • Quantify Achievements: Use quantifiable metrics (numbers, percentages) to highlight your achievements. This provides concrete data for ATS algorithms.
  • Avoid Graphics and Tables: ATS may struggle with parsing information from graphics and tables. Stick to a straightforward, text-based layout.
  • Spell Out Acronyms: Spell out acronyms at least once, especially those specific to your industry, to ensure clarity for the ATS.
  • Proofread Thoroughly: Eliminate spelling and grammar errors as they can disrupt the ATS parsing process.
  • Test with ATS Tools: Utilize online tools that simulate ATS scans to assess how well your resume performs in an automated screening environment.
  • Include Contact Information: Ensure your contact information is prominently displayed and easy for both ATS and human readers to locate.
  • Customize File Names: Rename your resume file with your name and the job title to make it easily identifiable for both ATS and recruiters.
  • Focus on Relevance: Prioritize relevant experience and skills, placing emphasis on qualifications directly related to the job you’re applying for.

By following these steps, you increase the likelihood that your resume will pass through ATS successfully and reach the hands of human recruiters, improving your chances of securing an interview.

What are ATS Resume Keywords?

ATS resume keywords are specific terms and phrases strategically incorporated into your resume to align with the requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems. These systems use algorithms to scan resumes, and the inclusion of relevant keywords is crucial for ensuring that your resume passes through the initial automated screening process. These keywords are often derived from the job description and may include industry-specific terms, technical skills, action verbs, qualifications, and certifications. It’s essential to customize your resume for each application by tailoring the keywords to match the specific requirements of the job.

While optimizing for ATS, it’s equally important to maintain readability and provide an accurate reflection of your skills and experiences. Balancing the integration of ATS resume keywords with a clear, compelling narrative enhances the chances of your resume not only getting past automated systems but also capturing the attention of human recruiters.

ATS Resume format
ATS Resume Sample

ATS-Friendly Resume Formats

To help you get started, here are a few ATS-friendly resume formats.

ATS Resume Template 1

Name: Sidak Singh

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (555) 123-4567
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:

Objective/Summary Statement:

Highly motivated and detail-oriented recent graduate with a background in finance. Seeking an entry-level position in financial analysis to leverage my strong analytical skills and knowledge of financial modeling. Proficient in data analysis tools such as Excel and SQL.


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, XYZ University, 2023
  • Relevant Coursework: Financial Management, Investment Analysis, Financial Modeling, Accounting

Work Experience:

  • Finance Intern, ABC Corporation, 2022-23
    • Assisted in analyzing financial statements and preparing reports for management.
    • Conducted financial research and contributed to investment analysis projects.
    • Assisted in budgeting and forecasting processes.


  • Financial Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Additional Sections:

  • Projects:
    • Led a team project analyzing the financial performance of a publicly traded company.
    • Developed a financial model to assess the feasibility of a new business venture.

ATS Resume Template 2

Name: Hasna Jubaid

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (+91) 9839875421
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:

Objective/Summary Statement:

Innovative and passionate graphic designer with a strong eye for detail and a flair for creating visually appealing designs. Seeking a challenging role in a creative agency where I can utilize my skills to deliver impactful visual solutions. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Typography
  • Visual Communication
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Layout Design
  • Attention to Detail

Work Experience:

  • Graphic Design Intern, XYZ Design Studio, 2022-23
    • Collaborated with the design team to create branding materials for clients.
    • Assisted in developing visual concepts and executing designs for print and digital media.
    • Participated in client meetings and presented design proposals.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, ABC University, 2023
  • Relevant Coursework: Visual Communication, Typography, Digital Illustration, Branding

Additional Sections:

  • Portfolio: Provided a link to an online portfolio showcasing design projects and artwork.
  • Awards: Mention any relevant design awards or recognitions received.

Why is it Important to Have an ATS-friendly Resume?

As mentioned above, if your resume doesn’t pass the ATS’s initial screening, your chances of getting an interview are slim. This is why it is so important to have an ATS-friendly resume.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your resume is ATS-friendly.

  • Your resume should contain the appropriate keywords. Spend some time attentively reading the job description before applying for a position. Use the key terms and phrases in the job description to help you identify the most relevant sections of your resume.
  • Format your resume properly. Text-based document scanning is the purpose of ATS systems. Therefore, you must ensure that your resume is designed so that the ATS can read it effortlessly. Use a size and typeface that are clear and straightforward to read. The use of tables, columns, or other formatting tools that the ATS could find confusing should also be avoided.
  • Your resume should be brief. The time that ATS systems have to scan each resume is limited. You must thus make sure that your resume is focused and brief.

Tips for Writing an ATS-Friendly Resume

Here are some extra pointers for creating a resume that is ATS-friendly:

  • All throughout your resume, include the appropriate keywords.
  • Format your resume correctly.
  • Make sure your resume is brief.
  • Write in a clear, concise manner.
  • Use active verbs.
  • Proofread your resume carefully.
ATS Resume
ATS Resume Sample

How to Run an ATS Check on Your Resume?

You may perform an ATS check on your resume in several methods. Utilizing an online ATS checker is one option. Online ATS checkers come in a variety of paid and free options. These tools will scan your resume and provide you with a report on how well it corresponds to the keywords and standards utilized by various ATS systems.

Uploading your resume to a job board that makes use of an ATS is another option to conduct an ATS check on it. The ATS will scan and grade your resume based on its keywords and criteria once you publish it to a job board. After that, you may review your resume’s score and make any required adjustments.

Why Should You Use Firstnaukri ATS Resume?

Are you a graduate or fresher looking for a job? Are you struggling to get your resume noticed by potential employers? Then, Firstnaukri’s Resume Maker is the best one-stop solutions for you. Firstnaukri ATS can help you create an ATS-friendly resume that will get you noticed by potential employers.

Our ATS-friendly resume builder will help you with the following:

  • Identify the right keywords for your job search
  • Format your resume in a way that the ATS can easily read
  • Keep your resume concise and to the point
  • Proofread your resume for errors

We also offer resume writing services, which can help you create a resume that is tailored to your specific skills and experience. Don’t let your resume get lost in the ATS pile.

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FAQs on ATS Friendly Resume

What is an ATS-Friendly Resume? 

An ATS-friendly resume is designed to be easily read and parsed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many companies for initial candidate screening. It’s formatted and written in a way that maximizes its chances of passing through the ATS and reaching human hiring managers.

Do I Need an ATS-Friendly Resume for Every Job Application?

While not essential for every job, an ATS-friendly resume increases your chances of getting noticed for roles with high competition or those using automated screening. It showcases your skills and experience in a clear, consistent format that the ATS can understand.

What are the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Some common mistakes include fancy fonts, graphics, tables, typos, and inconsistent formatting. Avoid using uncommon abbreviations and focus on concise, action-oriented language. Use keywords relevant to the job description throughout your resume.

How Can I Optimize My Resume for Keywords?

Identify relevant keywords from the job description and strategically incorporate them into your resume headings, skills section, and work experience descriptions. Use a keyword research tool like JobScan to analyze your resume and suggest improvements.

What’s the Ideal Length for an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Aim for a concise 1-2 pages for most positions. Use bullet points and strong verbs to highlight your achievements and skills efficiently. Focus on quality content over quantity.

Does Formatting Really Matter for ATS-Friendly Resumes?

Absolutely! Use clear sections with consistent headings, readable fonts, and ample white space. Avoid fancy formatting elements that might confuse the ATS.

Can I Use a Resume Builder to Create an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Yes! Many online resume builders offer ATS-friendly templates and keyword optimization tools. Just ensure you customize the content to fit each specific job application.

Should I Save My Resume as a Word Doc or PDF?

Both work, but PDFs are generally preferred by ATS systems. Consider saving in both formats for wider compatibility.

Is There a Difference Between an ATS-Friendly Resume and a Traditional Resume?

While both showcase your skills and experience, an ATS-friendly resume focuses on clear formatting, keyword optimization, and concise content for optimal machine readability. A traditional resume might have more flexibility in design and length. Check out the difference between ATS-Friendly Resume and a Traditional Resume.

Why use Firstnaukri Applicant Tracking System services to create ATS friendly resume?

If you are looking for a way to create an ATS-friendly resume that will get you noticed by potential employers, it is highly recommended that you use Firstnaukri ATS resume services. 


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