Keep a smile on your face while facing HR!

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Posted by FirstNaukri Oct 17, 2015

Company: Accenture
Profile: Associate Software Engineer
Salary: Not Disclosed

There were 2 Rounds of interview- Online Aptitude Test and HR Personal Interview. Both the rounds were very easy, so as a result I got selected & I also accepted the offer. I was evaluated on some basic parameters like:

Online Aptitude test:

It consists of 3 sections: 1. Verbal 2. Quantitative Analysis 3. Logical
Each section has 20 questions and duration will be 60 minutes.
1.Verbal part is the most easiest part I have come across. It consists of mainly questions like: fill in the blanks with correct prepositions, use correct articles, antonyms and synonyms (which will be easy).
2. Quantitative Analysis: In this question you will come across questions on Arithmetic progression like find the last number of the series etc. And questions on LCM and HCF. Time and distance related questions. Permutation and combination questions. Questions on probability etc.
If you are a little good at 10th and 11th std maths you will be easily able to crack this question.
Practice these questions prior to the interview.
3.Logical reasoning: Here comes the trickiest part. You need to keep a track of time while answering questions in this section as the questions will be lengthy and requires more time in reading.
But if your other 2 sections goes well and if score slightly less in one section still you have good chances of getting selected.

Just concentrate on basic maths and practice some logical questions.

HR interview:

Once you’re shortlisted in the aptitude test 95% of your job is done.
HR round will be very easy.
They will ask you to introduce yourself and later the interview will proceed based on what you have mentioned in your resume or CV.
In my case the HR asked me:
1. You have mentioned that your good at time management explain that.
2. You have also mentioned that you can work efficiently under pressure explain that.
3. They will ask you questions based on your hobbies and weather are you ready to work in any location of Accenture.
4. How much this job is important for you?
5. Do you have any offers from any other company?

According to me, in order to crack any interview you need to be
1. be confident
2. Practice some questions before the interview (you may get a week’s time after getting hall ticket)
3. Keep a smile on your face while facing HR
That’s it.

The best way to prepare for Accenture Interview is through the Websites for aptitude preparation: Refer to Accenture papers from fresher’s world and Books to Refer RS Agarwal. In fact you will find most of the content online just google it.


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