Tech Mahindra Placement Papers with Solutions 2019

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Here are some of the latest Tech Mahindra placement papers with questions and answers for 2019-2020. Read these placement papers to understand the test pattern of a leading MNC like Tech Mahindra. Every interview question and answers in this article has been updated in May 2019.

Prepare with these Tech Mahindra placement papers and get set for your Tech Mahindra campus placement drive. All the questions and answers in our Tech Mahindra placement paper have been contributed by candidates. Prepare the question and answer patterns and become confident about some of the most expected questions in upcoming campus drives this year onwards.

Below is an analysis of Tech Mahindra placement papers from previous years. On the basis of this we have come up with an expected pattern this year.

Table of Content

Tech Mahindra placement papers analysis of test pattern
Tech Mahindra placement papers – Mock test
Tech Mahindra placement papers syllabus
Tech Mahindra Quantitative Aptitude questions
Tech Mahindra Logical Reasoning questions
Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability questions
How to prepare for Tech Mahindra drive 2019 onwards

Note – If you have any questions regarding the exam pattern, comment here in our Q&A section for an instant reply.

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Academic criteria for Tech Mahindra placement

The candidate must secure atleast 60% marks in Class X, XII and in graduation.
Only students from B.E / B.Tech are eligible
Branches that can sit for placements are Computer Science, Information Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electronics & Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation, Telecommunication, and Instrumentation.
Education gap of a maximum of up to 1 year is allowed.

Tech Mahindra placement papers – analysis of test pattern

The analysis of Tech Mahindra placement papers has revealed that the test pattern has sectional time limits. The pattern is given below.

Round 1

The written test has seven sections. There is no negative marking and the round lasts for 75 mins

English Language General 1
English Language General 2
Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Reasoning General
Verbal Reasoning Paragraph
Non-Verbal Reasoning

Round 2

It is an image-based paragraph or story writing test which lasts for about 15 mins to 30 mins
Tech Mahindra Conducts the second Round, in which they provide a picture. Candidates are asked to compose a paragraph around it.
Most students can practice latest paragraph questions online or here.
Students are required to apply grammar and punctuation wherever required.
It is also advisable to compose short and sensible sentences in this round.

Round 3

Technical Interview

Round 4

HR Interview

Tech Mahindra placement papers – Mock test


We have a set of Tech Mahindra mock test which has been made from questions asked in previous year Tech Mahindra exams. These mock tests will help you analyze your real-time score. Detailed analysis of solutions section-wise is given after you submit your mock test. So, make sure you take these tests before you go for the actual exam.

Take Tech Mahindra Mock test now

Syllabus of Tech Mahindra placement paper

The written exam conducted by Tech Mahindra for selection is moderately tough.
This exam has 75 questions from English Language, English Language Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
The time allotted is 50 minutes.
In the English section there are around 35 questions.
Candidates should solve reading comprehensions. It also has basic grammar usage questions.
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning section has 29 questions.
It tests candidates on data interpretation and logical reasoning skills.
There are questions on puzzles, blood relations, statements & arguments, coding decoding, data sufficiency, pattern recognition, deductive logic, statement-assumption etc.

Read Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers with Explanation.

Quantitative Ability section has around 11 questions. The section consists of questions from various topics like algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, profit & loss, geometry, etc.
After the written test, candidates have to do story writing for 15 minutes based on a scenario, in about 200 words.
There is no negative marking.

Tech Mahindra Quantitative Aptitude questions


The Quantitative Aptitude section will assess your problem solving and analytical skills. There will be 11 Questions with a decent level of difficulty. Start by preparing basic topics of quantitative aptitude like Algebra, Time and Work, Probability, Speed and Distance Profit and loss, ages, averages, SI, CI, etc. Practice Data Interpretation based questions too. Focus hard and practice to crack the round.

Topics covered in the Quantitative Aptitude Section Include the following:

Profit and Loss
Time and Work
Speed Time and Distance
Simple Interest

Sample quant questions for Tech Mahindra

Q1. Mini took a loan of Rs. 1500 with simple interest for as many years as the rate of interest per annum. If she paid Rs. 735 as interest at the end of the loan period, what was the rate of interest per annum?

A. 2.6
B. 7.1
C. 7
D. Cannot be determined
Answer:   C

Q2. If selling price doubled, the profit triples. Find the profit percent.

A. 22%
B. 101%
C. 100%
D. 97%
Ans: C

Q3. If X gets 25% more than Y and Y gets 20% more than Z, the share of Z out of Rs. 740 will be:

A. Rs. 500
B. Rs. 200
B. Rs. 220
B. Rs. 210
Ans: B.

Q4. What will be the income tax payable by a person getting a taxable income of Rs. 30,000 during the year if the first Rs. 18000 is not taxable and the tax rates are 25% of the next Rs. 12000?

A Rs.3000
B Rs.2000
C Rs. 3100
D Rs. 3250
Ans. A

Q5. A merchant marks his wares 40% more than the real price and allows 20% discount. His profit is:

A 20%
B 18%
C 16%
D 12%
Ans. D

Tech Mahindra Verbal Ability questions

Q1. There are thirty students in a class. Pravin ranks third among the boys. Priya ranks fifth among the girls. Pravin is one rank below Priya in the class. No two students hold the same rank. What is Priya’s rank in the class?

Q2. How many three letter meaningful words can be formed from the word REACTION beginning with ‘A’ and without repeating any letter within that word?

Q3. Q, U, X, D, A, B and N are sitting around a circle facing at the center. D is third to the left of X who is second to the left of Q. U is third to the left of D and second to the right of A. B is not an immediate neighbor of Q, then

a) Who is second to the left of B?
b) In which of the following pairs the second person is sitting to the immediate right of the first person?

Q4. In the series below determine the order of the letters. Then from the given options select the one which will complete the given series.

___, ayw, gec, mki, sqo

(a) awx
(b) usq
(c) prs
(d) lmn

Q5. In the series below determine the order of the letters. Then from the given options select the one which will complete the given series.


(a) WGX

(b) VHY

(c) UGZ

(d) YHZ

How to prepare for Tech Mahindra placement drive 2019

You have to prepare for Aptitude round, Story writing, Technical round and HR Interview.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. A minimum of 60 percent is needed throughout the academic career.
2. Only students from CS/CE/IT/E&C/E&TC/Telecom/Communication/Electronics are eligible.

Student interview from a recent Tech Mahindra Placement Drive

“I interviewed with Tech Mahindra in March for the position of an Assistant Software Engineer. I applied for the position via my placement office, which has association with Firstnaukri. The application went through online. Later I was communicated about the placement drive which was about to take place in my campus. I met the eligibility criteria and thereby got shortlisted for the written round.

The interview comprised of 4 rounds. I appeared for the online written test and subsequently got selected for the further rounds so on and so forth. I went on clearing all the rounds and eventually ended up in the HR Interview round. It was a smooth process and my preparation in advance helped me crack it easily. I am waiting for my official offer letter now”

Submitted by Neerisha Reddy

Complete Tech Mahindra recruitment pattern

Here is how the Tech Mahindra Recruitment Procedure looks like in detail –

General English Language 1 10 No 10 mins 70%
General English Language 2 20 No 18 mins 70%
Reading Comprehension 5 No 7 mins 70%
Quantitative Aptitude 11 No 13 mins 65%
General Verbal Reasoning 21 No 20 mins 65%
Verbal Reasoning Paragraph 3 No 4 mins 65%
Non-Verbal Reasoning 5 No 4 mins 65%
Paragraph based Story Writing 1 – 200 words or 1200 characters No 15 mins 75%

Image credits: Tech Mahindra

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