Shaping a happy career is a priority for all budding professionals. However, the stakes to get there never seemed to be this high.

It's though undeniable that countless job portals claim to be the best when it comes to providing the right careers, however, we recommend the best website for job search.

Indeed we have reasons to state this tall claim.

In this blog, we shall state the reasons why the Naukri portal & naukri blog should be your go-to guide for a successful career.

Reasons why Naukri portal is the best website for job search

Why do we say that is the best website for job search?

Here is why! had its inception in 1997, has seen continuous growth while outperforming its competitors in every sphere.

The site enjoys a traffic share of over 70% as per a similar web. is a recruitment platform that provides hiring-related services to corporates/recruiters, placement agencies, and job seekers in India and overseas.

It offers multiple products like Resume Database Access, Job Listings, and Response Management Tools.

With more than 5,25,000 jobs live at any given point and over 65 million CVs, has serviced over 76,000 corporate clients in 2018-2019.

The company operates through 56 offices in 42 cities across India with overseas offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain.

Here are a few other reasons why Naukri portal is the best job website for job search.

1. Naukri blog

Naukri blog is the leading go to professional blog of which covers an array of topics which can help you in discovering the right profession.

It includes salary insights, career advice, interview advice & much more.

Its highly recommended to visit naukri blog naukri blog to sort relevant & quality answers related to your career growth.

2. Career-related tags in Naukri blog

Naukri's blog paves the way for ease. The moment you visit the Naukri blog website, the first thing you see is the tags on top of the page.

These tags are designed specifically to ease a budding professional to find the right career advice as required.


Here are the list of tags whoch you can find on Naukri blog homepage.


This is the first tag that comes on top of the homepage of the Naukri blog.

This tag is designed to redirect you to the Naukri portal wherein you can search & apply for jobs.

Jobs can be searched using skills, designations, or companies. You can also assign a location where you want to search for jobs.


Interview Advice

This tag is designated to guide job seekers to prepare better for upcoming interviews.

Under this tag you can find relevant articles that focus on giving knowledgeable insights to crack interviews.

The articles range from questions asked during interviews & how to answer them on how to dress during an interview.

All important aspects are covered in form of blogs to help in brightening your chances of clearing an interview.

Its a one point stop for everything which shall shape your future course of interviews.


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Career advice

Haven’t we all been confused about our career at some point in our lives? Always wondered whom to consult for career dilemmas?

Well, this tag is indeed perfect for that. "Career advice" tag guides a professional or jobseeker to a wide range of blogs that aim at providing clarity on questions that may arise while planning your career.

It gives inside reliable tips of various industries to ensure a smooth career advance. Which career to choose, how to choose, how to choose the right company and so much more.

This tag covers each aspect which may presently or in future help in shaping your career fruitfully.


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One of the most important aspects of a great career is the economics of it. Here is where the "salary tag" comes in the fore front.

This tag provides all you need to know information about the salary aspect which should be considered while planning a career.

Selling your brain to the highest bidder is a quality we should should master.

From How to negotiate salary to answering salary expectation questions you shall find blogs related to all such questions.

All the required answers are consolidated at put under this tag on the Naukri portal.


Covid 19 Resources

The global pandemic has taken its toll on the career of millions. Job cuts are enormous & still economy crippled.

In these testing times, "COVID 19 resource" tag provides a way to those who seek jobs during this pandemic or may be working from home.

It covers a wide range of topics in the form of blogs highlighting solutions to each professional obstacle that may arise due to the pandemic.

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How to use Naukri

This is an important tag for everyone relying on to get a dream job. The first & foremost thing to understand before using any job searching website is to understand how to use it the perfect way.

Hence this tag!

This tag provides a list of blogs that address the right ways to use the Naukri portal to its maximum potential.

It also advises on how to catch more attention to your CV for a better career.


3. The largest network of recruiters

Naukri portal has the largest network of recruiters who look for dynamic & genuine professionals on an everyday basis.

On average 7 lakh searches are one by recruiters every day on the Naukri portal.

This is one of the highest in India.

Currently, 50-60% of overall hirings in the market take place through the Naukri portal.

Imagine with such a strong database, your chances to get into the eyes of the recruiters is so much high.

4. Wide range of options

Naukri portal gives professional ease to use various filters to find a perfect job that suits his/her requirements.

Each filter narrows down job search to funnel openings closer to the desired position.

Amongst thousands of search results for particular keywords, these filters help in narrowing down the search as desired.

For example, If you are searching for jobs for "Manager" at "Mumbai location", here are all the filters which you shall see on Naukri portal.


5.All the information in one place

With the Naukri portal, you can access all the information of firms such as interview questions, company salaries, or even reviews under the “companies” tab on the homepage.

This information helps you to make an informed choice. You can also follow recruiters of your choice to be up to date with the postings which they might post for their respective firms.


6.Naukri Premium

Naukri portal also provides premium services wherein professionals write your resume to attain maximum visibility in the first go itself.

Also more opportunities come your way as the recruiters get notified quite often that you are looking for a job change at the earliest.

This also improves your chances to get through in the first attempt itself.

7. Courses & certifications also provides a list of courses & certifications to choose from. These courses & certifications are designed to help professionals get maximum benefit in their professional career.

At a minimal amount, professionals can apply for these courses online & add these courses & knowledge to their CV.

Naukri portal is not only the best website for job search but also has been the No. 1 job search website for years now.

Indeed for a remarkable career, the Naukri portal has to be your first step ahead.

Best of luck!

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