Accenture Interview Experience: A Fresher’s Entry

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I applied for the placement drive at Accenture through the placement cell of my college. The entire application process took over 2 weeks to materialize. I was interviewed at my college itself with all my other batchmates who qualified for Accenture’s placement.

Accenture fresher interview summary

This is a summary of my placement experience at Accenture. Please go through the rounds I faced to prepare for your upcoming Accenture interview confidently.

Name: Karnika Patel

Company: Accenture

Result: I got selected in this company

Position: Software Developer

Package: 3.7

Rounds: 3
accenture interview

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Details of Accenture interview experience

Accenture is well known for recruiting worthy candidates. So, they conduct a conscientious recruiting process. Please prepare well in advance before sitting for an Accenture placement drive.

1)Aptitude Round

I attended the recruitment drive through my campus. So the process seemed painless until I faced the aptitude paper. It was tough! The first round of my Accenture interview experience was a written round having three different sections. These were analytical aptitude, verbal ability and attention to detail. In this round, I got 55 total questions. We were allocated 60 minutes to finish the round.

2)Technical Interview

It was a slow round and lasted for about 45 minutes. I was given ample time to think and solve my puzzles on pen and paper. I was allowed to write pseudo-code and exact syntax did not matter as long as the logic was correct.

3)Personal Interview

In the two rounds I faced in my Accenture placement drive, yhe first one was an hour of behavioral interview questions, and the second was an hour of solving a case study. It was a straightforward case without too much of quantitative elements. The behavioral round was simple while the case study round was a little difficult. I feel Accenture HR tries their level best to filter you out in this round, but as long as you don’t get nervous its ok.

HR round interview questions faced at Accenture

Following are some HR round interview questions I faced in my Accenture interview. These were simple but I had to think and frame my answers in my mind before blurting out the thoughts. Please practice these questions before your interview.

## Why would you like to join Accenture?
## What was your favorite subject in college?
## Describe a situation in which you had to overcome a difficult task without much guidance.
## What gets you out of bed in the morning?
## What was an experience where you had a very significant role?
## What was a time you dealt with conflict in college/school?
## Tell me about yourself.
## Describe an instance in which you made a mistake or faced some sort of obstacle and you had to resolve it. What steps did you take?

Prepare these HR round interview questions to ace your Accenture placement interview like a pro!

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Please share your interview experience here and help your juniors prepare as well.

All the best!


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