Amazon Interview Questions Asked at an Engineering College in India

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I applied for the Amazon India Placement Interview through my college’s placement cell. The college’s Training and Placement Cell is in touch with Firstnaukri to get good companies like Amazon to our college during placement season. I was shortlisted for the Amazon India’s placement drive majorly based on my academic record. In this article I have described in detail about my interview at Amazon India.

Result: I got selected in this company

Position: Data Associate (Full time)

Rounds: 3

Salary: Up to 6 Lakhs per annum

Name: Aysha


About Amazon India, the company

Amazon is a multinational technology company which was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. From being an online bookstore, Bezos expanded Amazon’s business. He is the current president, chairman and CEO of, Inc. acquired Indian startup Junglee in 1998 and launched in India in 2012. In 2017 Amazon closed down and the former URL now redirects to popularly known as Amazon India. Though Amazon India is popular as an online shopping site, the company does way more than that. They focus on e-commerce as well as cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Amazon interview questions asked in Amazon India placement drive

I was interviewed for the post of a Data Associate for a gadget called Alexa. Alexa is an artificial intelligent device. I faced four rounds during the selection process of Alexa Data Associate interview.

Job role of an Alexa Data Associate at Amazon

As a data associate or machine learning data associate at Amazon, one has to transcribe data. That means, one has to transcribe input or device directed speech from the Alexa device. In order to carry out the tasks successfully, an Alexa data associate has to possess excellent communication skills. They should also have the capability to differentiate different accents and dialects. He/she will be tasked with various subsets of data which includes transcription, verification, annotations etc. If a person becomes an expert at transcribing data, only then they will be allowed to carry out verification and annotation. Also, an Alexa Data Associate has to grasp various permutations and combinations of capturing customer request data and process the same.

My Alexa Data Associate interview at Amazon India


First round of Amazon interview questions

Amazon interview questions in the first round were based on an English test. It was purely a Grammar test in an MCQ or multiple-choice question format. Questions asked included basics like synonyms, correction of sentences, choosing an apt word and paraphrasing. Altogether, there were 200 questions to be completed in two and a half hours.

I attempted all the questions as there was no negative marking. Also, the Amazon interview questions in first round were based on basic English knowledge. Ensure that you concentrate well on every question, especially that want you to spot spelling/grammatical errors. Do not forget to keep a tab on the time limit.

Second round of Amazon interview questions

After getting selected in the first round, the second round was based on a hearing test. I was made to listen to English sentences in different types of accents and type them correctly. For every thirty seconds a voice recording was played and within the next 30 seconds I had to type it in the given box on the computer screen. This was a daunting task as the accents were different and I had to type really fast. I listened to around 10 voice recordings and filled in the blanks. I paid full attention and tried to finish the second round within a stipulated time.

Third round of Amazon interview questions

In the third round of Amazon interview questions, I had to complete an Email writing test. They wanted to check my fluency in English. I had to write an official email within 500 words or more. I ensured to avoid any grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It took me time to check for errors and be careful with the native English punctuation. Since we are not used to them, you need to listen very carefully.

Fourth round of Amazon interview questions

This round in my Amazon interview commenced only after I successfully completed the third round. It was time for the most critical step – an HR interview. How did I crack it? Here’s how…
## I stayed calm and composed to reserve my energy and thoughts for the interview.
## I ensured to update my resume so that it matched with Amazon India’s business requirements, as outlined in the JD.
## I skimmed through commonly asked HR interview questions and answers on Firstnaukri career guidance section.
## I read about Amazon, especially facts, important people, products, executive board members etc.
## I prepared by reading Amazon interview questions and Amazon interview experiences shared by genuine candidates on Firstnaukri.

Questions I faced in Amazon HR interview round

Following were the questions I was asked in my Amazon interview.
## Tell me about yourself – I answered by speaking clearly and articulated all crucial details as briefly as possible.

💡Quick Tip: Get involved in some extracurricular activity to stand out from the crowd. A simple technical base and education is never enough. Also, work on your fluency in English. Start watching English movies, listen to English songs and read the newspaper daily.

More about the technical written (first) round in the Amazon Interview

The aptitude/technical Amazon interview questions for the job were MCQ type. Strong fundaments in Mathematics, English grammar, logical reasoning and science will help you crack this round.

## Mathematics Amazon interview questions – These were based on quick arithmetic, profit and loss, and word concepts.
## English Amazon interview questions – These revolved around synonyms and correction of sentences.
## Science Amazon interview questions – These were slightly technical and were based on my Bachelor’s degree. Key to tackle these questions is to use your general knowledge.

💡Quick Tip: Do not waste your time thinking about the complexity of an answer. About 99% of answers are simple and these questions are deliberately asked to baffle you. So, prepare in advance, solve mock sample paper and during the test, pay attention. Try and solve exercises from R.S. Aggarwal daily for about 15 minutes.

Tips to crack Amazon Placement Interview

Here are a few tips for Written Aptitude and technical test:
## Have presence of mind. Common sense will take you a long way forward in the test.
## Read each and every question with full concentration and answer them accordingly.
## Do not waste time on a single question. Move on if you are stuck. Solve the others and then come back to the notorious (unanswered) one.
## Keep a tab on time and allot a minute to every question and not more.
## Attempt all the questions and answer them well. If you are unsure, till solve as there is no negative marking.
## If there are negative marks, attempt only the questions you are confident about.
## Lastly, do not panic if you don’t know the answer. Finish your test confidently.

Questions asked in Amazon Associate Interview

The questions that I was asked in interview are as follows:
## Give an overview of your resume.
## Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
## What are your long-term plans?
## What made you choose this company?
## Why should we hire you?
## Are you comfortable to travel?
## If there is night shift, would you still prefer to join?
## What are your social contributions, if any?
## Tell me a real-life incident where you stood up for yourself when everybody was against you?
## What are your hobbies?

More interview tips for Amazon Associate Interview

Here are a few interview tips which I feel helped me crack my Amazon Data Associate interview:
## Go through common interview question and prepare your answers.
## Arrive on time and observe the dynamics of the work place/campus.
## Carry 2 copies of your resume and passport size photos positively.
## Dress in a professional manner.
## Research well about the company, HR and job opportunity.
## Make a good first impression on you interviewer by greeting them warmly
## Give authentic replies to the HR and be true to them.

Topics discussed in Group Discussion Round at Amazon

The general topics we discussed in Amazon Group Discussions are:
## Social issues such as Demonetization and its impact on the public
## Today’s technology is a boon or a bane
## Mobile phone is paralyzing the young generation
## Women empowerment

Read more latest group discussion topics and common GD tips here.

How to crack GD round in Amazon India placement interview

Group discussion is a major area where candidates are evaluated based on their knowledge, leadership skills, communication skills etc. at Amazon. Here are some tricks I would like to share.
## The most important thing is to actively participate in your group discussion round at Amazon.
## Every candidate should go through commonly asked group discussion topics which can help him/her understand the topic deeply and gain new points or look through the topic from a different perspective.
## As a candidate, have the spirit to be the initiator or a moderator to continue the talk.
## Portray leadership qualities and high levels of patience to listen to others.
## Be polite while delivering your point.
## Avoid arguments and conflicts.

Wish you all success in your future endeavors.

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