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Posted by FirstNaukri Dec 28, 2015

Name: Ankit Agrawal

Company That You Interviewed For: Future Group

Role That You Interviewed For: Dc Manager


Resume: Yes                                       

Application Form: No         

Group Discussion: Yes

Written Test: No

Please Mention If There Were Any Other Requirements For The Process.        



Please mention your remarks on the Group Discussion process.  (Topic, Duration, No. of Members)

Topic: 100%FDI in Multi Brand Retail.

Duration: 25 min. No of members: 06

What went right for you at different stages of the process?

The GD was based on technical topics, & interview was focused on Technical questions related with Supply chain & logistics management with retail marketing with some situation based questions, some questions related with team dynamics, Leadership skills, & flexibility followed by general HR questions which  lasted for an hour & I fairly did well .The interesting part was that I was grilled with questions based on Leadership & Entrepreneurship with real life situation based question related with my Field of study.

What went wrong for you at different stages of the process?

The Situation based scenario questions were tricky to solve and answer It was based on real life situation with some innovative approach but I did well.

What question(s) did you ask the interview panel?

What opportunities company will give me to showcase my skills and what are the future plans of company.

Any suggestions/ dos & don’ts/ special preparation tips for your juniors:

For all those people who wanted to work in Backed of Retail sector should be through with their domain knowledge. It’s very essential.

  • Don’t Bluff, Be honest and don’t be nervousness. Dress up well, and be comfortable as this is just another task given to you in life.
  • Tell about your co-curricular activities related to your field and about your learning with your academic qualification as Recruiters also look for initiatives that you have taken up in your life.
  • Try to go thoroughly about the company as they expect that you must get familiar.

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