Rectangular Cake Puzzle – SAP Labs Software Developer Placement Experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Sep 10, 2015

Company: SAP Labs
Profile: Software Developer
Salary: Rs. 8,25,000 PA

Venue for the interview was Thapar University Patiala on 31st Oct 2014. SAP LABS Procedure consists of 6 rounds.
• HR
1st Round: ONLINE EXAM
It was an online exam round. Exam consisted of multiple sections of objective questions.1st section was 10 minute 60 questions round in which behavioral question were asked. Besides this, there were 5 more sections- maths, logical reasoning, technical (mostly C output questions), verbal and coding round. Maths section (10 questions) was tough, Logical reasoning (15 questions) was tougher, technical (10 questions) was relatively easy, verbal (10 questions) was also easy. The coding round had 2 questions. The questions were selected randomly.I guess you had to solve at least one to qualify for the R&D interview process. One question carried 40 marks and other one 20 marks. You had to write full code for the 40 marks question and partial code was given for the 20 marks one. Just as an advice, learn parsing before appearing for the written test (for coding).

This round was meant to see your design skills. All the students were divided into groups of 6 and each group was allotted a mentor. We had to design an e-commerce website just like Amazon/Flipkart. Here it is important to make E-R diagram, class diagram, database table design, testing strategies, transaction details, etc. The time allotted was 30 minutes. It’s also important to convey your idea regularly to the mentor allotted to your group who will monitor the progress of each student of the group after every 5 minutes.2-3 students will be selected from each group.

It was a technical round and I was asked questions from OS, DBMS, DS, OOPS. Questions were also asked related to cloud since SAP is working on cloud these days, cloud security, memory distribution in case of parallel computing, some coding questions, some basic OOPS concepts and one puzzle. Puzzle was given a rectangular cake, one smaller rectangle cake has been cut, now if allowed to make only one cut, how will you do so to cut the cake exactly into two equal halves.
The level of questions were raised, so it was slightly tougher than round1.This round again covered questions from all the subjects. Was asked as to how to make your own garbage collector in java. 1 puzzle was also asked. Modified version of HAT puzzle.

The round was for checking whether you fit in the company’s environment or not. The interview ran for approximately 30-45 minutes (more because I was the first student who cleared the above rounds.). The manager asked everything related to the resume, interests, saw my leadership qualities, asked as to whether i will be comfortable with coding, testing or support role. He also gave a puzzle (the common 3 and 5 jug problem) though he wanted more than 1 solution. He also gave a coding question and a database design question for room allotment.
6th Round– HR
HR Round was more of a formality, though it also was also of 25-30 minute duration. It was a typical HR interview. I was asked behavioral questions and profile related questions!
At last result was declared and I found my name in the list of selected candidates. I was really very happy and enjoyed that day a lot.
I recommend that try to be confident on below topics.
• OOPS approach
• Data structure and algorithms
• Puzzles
• Operating system
• Cloud computing

Don’t try too much just
• Be confident
• Don’t try to fake
• Try to show your approach or give your best to come to the solution even when you don’t know the exact answer


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