TCS – Assistant System Engineer Placement Experience

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Company: TCS

Profile: ASE

Salary: 3.36 LPA

Place: Vijayawada

Number of rounds: 4

Result: Selected

The Interview Rounds

Everyone in my group faced about 4 rounds. These were as follows:

Numerical Aptitude – The very first round is an aptitude round. It was organized into 3 sub-sections.

# 1st section: It comprised of general and verbal aptitude based questions.
# 2nd Section: It comprised of technical MCQ questions.
# 3rd Round: It comprised of coding problems

Verbal and some Non Verbal Aptitude – This was a simple round.

Coding Questions MCQs – These were multiple choice coding questions
Coding Problems (4 for me) – I had to solve any 4 coding problems end to end.

What were the Questions Asked in this Interview?

# In the technical round (TR) and human resource round (HR), I was asked about the Latest Technologies. I happily spoke about Cloud Computing, basics of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence etc.
# The next set of questions were based on my Project work and related experience. If you are thorough about the overall implementation of your project work and its nitty-gritties, you will be able to easily clear this round. I answered like this, “I have completed a couple of projects apart from my mini and major projects, as part of my coursework. Then the HR asked, “Pick your best project and explain why you consider it the best.” I explained my project in detail.

# The HR asked, “Tell me about your family background.” I answered like this, “We are 4. Me, my father mother and my sister.”
# The manager interrupted, “Are you a responsible person at home?” I answered affirmatively.

Then I was counter questioned, “How will you justify yourself as a responsible person? Give an example.” I took a break of 30-40 seconds and replied, “When I am involved in a project, I try responsibly to complete the same on time.”
Then HR said, “you are technically sound but your communication skills need improvement.” Instead of remaining silent and feeling threatened, I respectfully replied “I will definitely work on it sir.”

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Special Tricks to Crack the Group Discussion Round

Try to gel well with your group members and peers.
# Pay attention to what everyone is saying. Listen to their points carefully and try to prepare a gist on paper.
# While speaking, frame small and simple sentences. This will make your words sound more meaningful.
# Always maintain a clearly audible voice. Be as loud as possible so that you grab everybody’s attention, including the panelists’.
# It is always a better idea to start or end the group discussion for major visibility.

Tips to crack placement interview at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

# Prepare from the ‘Career Guidance’ section on Be confident and crack your TCS Aptitude round with ease.
# You may also refer your previous semester books or notes to practice programming in C language.
# Practice previous year papers and follow the above steps. These are enough to crack the very 1st phase of your TCS interview.

Don’t be in a hurry and try to behave in a calm and composed manner while sitting in the placement cell.
# Maintain eye contact with your interviewer. Concentrate on the interviewer’s words carefully.
# Carry your own pen to solve puzzles and write code snippets.
# Keep smiling and feel confident from within. If you do not know the answer to a question, do not bluff. Try to mingle with your group. Listen carefully to other’s words. Frame small, simple meaningful sentences. Maintain a clear and loud voice.

“Last few moments of the placement interview”
I was finally asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” I took a gap of 10 seconds and questioned, “What is the work culture at TCS like? I also inquired about the new transformations with in campus that newly entered students needed to incorporate so as to fit the company well.” This is when my interview panelists looked at each other and smiled. Then they said, “We can discuss about it after you join the company.”
In the end, the HR said, “You may go now.” I replied “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to interact with you all.” I shook their hands gently and walked out calmly.

Results were announced the very next day and I was delighted to know that I had been selected in TCS.

It was a truly rewarding experience.


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