Accenture Interview Experience: Shared By A Fresher

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I applied for the placement drive at Accenture through the placement cell of my college. The interview process was super laid back. I applied for the Accenture on campus and got the email saying that I had been shortlisted for the interview. There were two back to back 30 min interviews.

Accenture fresher interview summary

This is a summary of my placement experience at Accenture. And I was recruited through campus hiring.

Name: Karishma Sharma

Result: I got selected in this company

Profile: Developer

Package: 3.7 Lakhs per annum

Rounds: 3

Place: Nagpur

accenture fresher interview experience

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Details of Accenture interview experience

Accenture is well known for recruiting worthy candidates. So, they conduct a conscientious recruiting process. Please prepare well in advance before sitting for an Accenture placement drive.

1)Screening round

This is your chance to bring life to your resume and stand out from your peers. Your Accenture placement drive is your doorway to a white-collared interview. So, prepare a good resume and showcase the same. Your resume will screen you forward and open the doors for you to move ahead into the other rounds. Talk about your activities, work experience, and achievements. The focus of this interview is for us to understand your overall experience better.

Also read fresher resume format for placement interviews in 2019.

2)Behavioral Interview

I was asked questions that prompted me to tell a story about my past experiences. So, I prepared GD topics, group projects, thought about my accomplishments, and jotted down major points in advance. The focus of my interview was my accomplishments in life and I answered accordingly.

3)Case Interview

I was given a situation in which I was asked to prioritize, analyze, and ultimately draw conclusions. They tested my problem-solving and analytical abilities.

HR round interview questions I faced in my Accenture interview

My HR interview was scheduled for the last slot in the day. But I showed up in time for the same. The process was smooth and they said there would be a telephonic managerial round later but I am still waiting for it. The technical round lasted for 20 mins and HR round lasted for 20 minutes. There are the HR round interview questions I faced in my Accenture placement interview.

## Why are you interested in this position at Accenture?
## Tell me about yourself.
## Tell us about your achievements?
## Are you happy with your academics till now?
## When was the time you had to implement something new?
## Do you have any questions for me?

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All the best!

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