Career in Club Mahindra : Questions and Tips for MHRIL Fresher Interview

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Posted by FirstNaukri Jan 13, 2020

In this entry I have listed down my entire MHRIL or Club Mahindra interview experience in detail for my juniors. I was interviewed at Bhopal for the position of a Sales Executive in the month of September 2019. Being a fresher right out of college, I was offered a package of 3 lakhs per annum for the job. I could not clear the interview successfully. However, it was a great learning experience for me.

Summary of my Club Mahindra Interview

Name: Vikram prabhakar
Company: MHRIL or Club Mahindra Holidays
Position: Sales Executive
Result: I did not get selected in MHRIL / Club Mahindra
Package offered: 3 LPA
Place: Bhopal
Rounds: 1
Date of Interview: 20/09/2019

What was your Club Mahindra interview process like?

I was selected directly for my HR interview round. I was asked to introduce myself, talk about my family and also about my previous experiences and organisations that I worked for.

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What did you wear to your Club Mahindra or MHRIL interview in Bhopal?

club mahindra interview men dress code

I showered and shaved the morning of the interview and wore a light deodorant. I avoided cologne and aftershave as I did not want to smell overpowering or worse, cause an allergic reaction! So I tried to dress in a manner that was professionally appropriate.

  • I wanted to wear a business suit but dropped the idea as my suit was not dry cleaned. So I went with a crisp formal white shirt and dark tan trousers for the Club Mahindra sales executive interview.
  • I wore white socks, a dark tan belt, and dark tan leather polished shoes.
  • I ensured that I was comfortable in my outfit so that I looked and acted my best.
  • Some interviewees were wearing loud and flashy colors with flashy ties. I think that was inappropriate for the interview set up.
  • The interviewers were particularly impressed by candidates wearing neat, clean, and pressed clothes.
  • Before the interview, I made sure I had a fresh breath. Hence, I did not eat or smoke before the interview.
  • I tried to keep my hair neat with some gel.

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What are the perks offered by Club Mahindra Holidays to a fresher for a Sales Executive’s role?

Following are some of the perks offered by Club Mahindra to its Sales employees.

  • Incentives over and above salary package
  • Maternity & paternity leaves
  • Accommodation
  • Free food
  • On job training
  • Employee holiday discount packages
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security

That’s it friends. I could not clear the HR round as I was very nervous. Please do not do this mistake. Come with full confidence and you will be able to make it. All the best! 🙂

How to get hired by Club Mahindra Holidays as a fresher?

You should be confident, articulate your answers clearly and arrive well prepared for your interview. Also, you may portray dedication towards the job, not only in this but in any other interview. This attitude will surely get you hired soon.

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