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The Functional Resume Format: Highlighting Skills and Accomplishments for Career Changers

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Posted by Aarna Tiwari Jun 30, 2023

Are you considering changing careers? If so, you may be considering how to effectively present your accomplishments and talents on your resume. One size does not fit all when it comes to writing a resume. This is particularly true for those changing careers, who must highlight their transferrable skills and pertinent accomplishments to attract future employers. This may be accomplished by emphasizing your talents and competencies rather than your previous job titles or work experience, which is possible with a functional resume layout.

This post will go through functional resumes, how to write them, and career transition advice. We’ll also provide you with three functional resume templates to choose from.

What is a Functional Resume?

A functional resume is one that emphasizes your talents and abilities rather than your previous employment history. People who are shifting jobs frequently utilize this form of resume since it enables them to emphasize relevant skills in their new industry.

Functional resumes often list skills instead of employment history. As a result, your resume will open with a skills brief outlining your most important qualifications. The parts on your professional experience, education, and other pertinent information will come after this.

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How to Write a Functional Resume – Important Tips

The following advice can help you write a functional resume:

  • Start with an overview of your best abilities. Since this is the most crucial section of your resume, make sure it is well-written and emphasizes your most vital skills.
  • To explain your skills and talents, use action verbs. Your resume will stand out from the competition if you do this.
  • Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible. This will help employers see the impact of your work.
  • Create a resume that is customized to the position you are looking for. This entails emphasizing the talents, attributes, and resume keywords that are most pertinent to the post.
  • Before sending your resume, make sure you thoroughly proofread it.
Functional Resume

Functional Resume Formats for Freshers

Here are three functional resume formats that you can use as inspiration:

Skills-Based Functional Resume Format:

  • Contact Information
  • Summary/Objective Statement
  • Core Competencies (highlighting relevant skills)
  • Professional Experience (briefly mentioning job titles and companies)
  • Achievements and Accomplishments (listing specific examples of achievements)
  • Education
  • Additional Skills (optional, mentioning additional relevant skills)

Project-Based Functional Resume Format:

  • Contact Information
  • Summary/Objective Statement
  • Project Highlights (listing significant projects and their outcomes)
  • Skills and Qualifications (detailing transferable skills relevant to the target role)
  • Professional Experience (concisely mentioning job titles and companies)
  • Education
  • Certifications or Training (optional, if applicable)

Combination Functional Resume Format:

  • Contact Information
  • Summary/Objective Statement
  • Key Skills (highlighting transferable skills and qualifications)
  • Professional Experience (providing a concise overview of work history)
  • Accomplishments (listing notable achievements and contributions)
  • Education
  • Additional Information (optional, including relevant volunteer work or affiliations)
ATS Resume format

Benefits of Functional Resume Format for Career Changers

The functional resume format is a tactical method that places more emphasis on abilities, accomplishments, and credentials than it does on employment history. It is also helpful for those who wish to shift careers since it allows them to emphasize their vital abilities and show that they can succeed in a new field or position.

  • Emphasizes Transferable Skills: With the functional resume format, job changers may draw attention to their transferable skills that are relevant to the new industry. This raises their likelihood of being recognized by potential employers by demonstrating how their current skills might be applied to the desired career.
  • Highlights Achievements: People who shift careers might have yet to gain experience in the new sector. They can highlight their accomplishments and illustrate how they relate to the criteria of the desired employment by using the functional resume format. This shows their potential usefulness and establishes credibility.
  • De-emphasizes Work History Gaps: For those starting a new profession, work history gaps or experiences in unrelated fields might be a source of worry. Career changers may minimize these gaps and emphasize their abilities and certifications on a functional resume, which keeps the emphasis on their potential rather than their employment experience.

Firstnaukri Resume Maker: Your Partner in Crafting a Professional Resume

Use the Firstnaukri Resume Maker to create a functional resume if you’re unsure how to do it. You may make a resume that looks professional in just a few minutes using Firstnaukri’s free online tool. You can create a resume that is customized to your own needs with a range of templates and tools.

The Firstnaukri resume maker offers the following advantages:

  • Friendly User Interface: The resume builder offers a friendly user interface that makes the resume-building process easier. The online platform is simple to use, and you may choose the functional resume format and modify it to suit your demands.
  • Options for Customization: The Firstnaukri resume builder enables you to add relevant sections, edit formatting, and choose suitable styles for your resume. Your functional resume may be tailored to properly showcase your abilities and accomplishments.
  • Pre-Written Examples and Tips: The resume builder offers examples and advice already written to help you create your resume. These tools provide useful advice on how to organize your resume, pick relevant keywords, and describe your qualifications.


With the functional resume format, job changers may highlight their accomplishments and skills while hiding gaps in their employment history. Career changers may show their transferrable skills and potential worth to future employers by using the functional resume format. 

To learn more about how to write a functional resume, visit the Firstnaukri Resume Maker website.

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FAQs on Functional Resume

What is a functional resume?

A functional resume is a type of resume that focuses on your skills and abilities, rather than your work experience. This type of resume is often used by people who are changing careers, as it allows them to highlight the skills that are relevant to their new field.

When should I use a functional resume?

You should use a functional resume if you are changing careers or if you have gaps in your work history. This type of resume can help you highlight your skills and abilities, even if you have not had a lot of recent work experience.

How do I write a functional resume?

Functional resumes can help you highlight your skills and abilities, even if you have gaps in your work history. They can also be a good option if you are changing careers and want to focus on your transferable skills. You can take the help of the Firstnaukri Resume Maker tool for this purpose, which is absolutely free.

Is a functional resume suitable for all industries?

While a functional resume is useful for job changers, it might not be the industry standard in fields that place more weight on a candidate’s traditional chronological employment history.

How can I tailor a functional resume for a specific job?

Use keywords from the job description, emphasize relevant experiences and credentials, and focus on skills and accomplishments that are in line with the requirements for the position while creating a functional resume.


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