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Hinduja Global Solutions: Interview Experience of a Fresher

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Posted by FirstNaukri Apr 17, 2020

I applied for this job role at Hinduja Global Solutions via my college’s Training and Placement Office. So did all my other classmates who met the eligibility criteria of HGS. The process took a whole day and by the end of day, the results were declared. I interviewed at Hinduja Global Solutions in March 2020 at Myrylguda, Telengana. Below is a summary of my interview.

Summary of my Hinduja Global Solutions interview experience

Name: Anjali Mailavarapu
Company: Hinduja Global Solutions
Sector: BPO / ITES
Position: Technical Support Executive
Result: I got selected in this company
Package offered: INR 20,000 per month
Place: Mina College of Engineering & Technology, Myrylguda, Telangana
Rounds: 3
Date of Interview: 03/01/2020

Hinduja Global Solutions interview questions

The interview was very tough.

The rounds are first written test, next jam and next group discussion.

Interview questions were random for me and my friends. There is no specific set. One can prepare general topics for a fresher interview at HGS.

My interview was conducted in ICCS.

Hinduja Global Solutions interview tips

Q1 What is the interview process at HGS like?

The interview process is different for every fresher and also different for distinct job roles.  As a technical support officer, I had to go through the following process:

  • Initial Screening (This is not a round)
  • Online assessment round (like a CET or aptitude test)
  • Operations round
  • Process-oriented assessment round (like a SWAR or Versant)
  • HR / Client round (My HR round is still pending)

Q2 What should a fresher wear to an HGS placement drive?

You can arrive in formals or business casuals. If you are not clear what these dress codes are, please wear a white or light colored plain shirt and dark fitted trousers with black belt, black formal shoes and black socks. Ladies can wear a crisp ironed salwaar kameez or a full shirt and dark trouser with formal black pump shoe.

Q3. How to prepare for Hinduja Global Solutions interview?

Please be confident about yourself. Also, showcase your language proficiency, especially in English. You should know some basic details about Hinduja as a company. Also, prepare in advance and groom yourself well prior to the interview.

In the end, I got a call letter and not an offer letter as my HR interview round was still pending. I will be attending the HR round and will start working at Hinduja Global Solutions pretty soon.

Thank you for reading my post and all the best for your interviews.

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