IBM Interview Questions asked during Campus Placement

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Company: IBM

Profile: Associate System Engineer

Salary: 3.20 LPA

Place: PCCOER (Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering and Research), Ravet, Pune

Number of rounds: 4

Result: I got selected in this comp

Round 1 : Aptitude test in IBM interview and questions asked in this round

Aptitude test is the most crucial amidst all IBM interview questions. My aptitude test was divided into two sections namely number series + quants and the business communication part.

1) In first section, I had to answer a series of 30 odd questions around number series and quants or quantitative aptitude questions.
2) In the second section, I was asked business communication questions. These focused on testing my spoken English skills and communication strength. These IBM interview questions were pretty easy as I have a strong hold on English language.
Quick Tip: In case you are not confident, you can practice business communication, vocabulary and grammar exercises from ‘Word Power Made Easy’ and ‘Wren and Martin’ or similar books.

Round 2: HR interview questions asked in the face-to-face interview round at IBM

In this round, I was asked commonly asked HR interview questions. I had practiced my answers well in advance so the round was a cake walk for me. Following are some of the questions I faced in this round.

1) ‘Tell me about yourself’ or in other words ‘introduce yourself’
2) ‘Describe your final year project in detail’
3) ‘Why did you choose this topic for your project?’
4) Then I was bombarded with 3 to 4 super technical questions, all of them were related to my project.
5) ‘Why do you want this job?
5) Lastly the HR asked, ‘Ask me one question by giving me a situation and how I react in that situation.’

The last question was a surprise package and I think I could have done better in this one. Yet I managed to make it through.

How to crack IBM interview questions like a pro

For the starters, please note that practice is a must when you are appearing for an Aptitude test at IBM or any other technology company. Secondly, ensure that you are thorough with previous year placement papers. These are mostly accessible online. You can also practice lots of IBM placement papers on and also on websites like M4MATH. I preferred the assessment test section on for my preparation.

Crucial tips to tackle IBM interview questions

Since you are a fresher and you have no work experience to prove your skills, you have to vouch for yourself very well. In order to do so portray confidence, outright courage, deep knowledge and core presentation skills.
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