Info Edge Placement Experience

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Posted by FirstNaukri Team Jul 16, 2018


Company: Info Edge India Limited

Profile: Content Operations Executive

Salary: 2.56 LPA

Place: Noida

Number of Rounds: 4

Result: Selected

Application process

I applied for the opening all by myself through Info Edge was looking out for a fresher to fill the position of a Content Operations Executive. When I went through the job description, I felt my skill sets were a perfect match for the opening. Since I always had a knack for writing and had been an avid reader all my life, I felt I could do justice to the job role. Besides, I had already graduated out of college by then and had successfully completed content writing internships at 2 startups. It was finally time for me to get into the mainstream workforce.

Steps of my application process

First of all, I created an account on and also on I have seen several of my relatives and friends landing great jobs through Naukri. They always praise the effectiveness of this portal. So, this time around, I wanted to try it out for myself. I polished my profile on both the sites and waited for a while. Eventually I started receiving relevant job alerts.

On the very next day, I received emails and calls for job interviews. I attended most of them and sadly, got rejected.

Then I started searching for openings on Naukri with relevant filters to avoid calls from BPOs and KPOs. Being a B. Tech in Computer Science, I was keen about software engineering jobs. Yet on Naukri I came to know that I am eligible for openings in testing, quality assurance, database and networking as well! Eventually, I started attending interviews, but I would face elimination in the last round.

Still I kept attending an interview a day. I also came to know that some companies demand for money to hire freshers! For a period of 16 to 17 days, this story kept rolling, until a friend advised me to venture into SEO & Digital Marketing.

Then I applied for 2 other openings and thankfully got selected in both! The first company’s HR asked for my original marksheets and also to sign a bond as an ‘SEO Trainee’. The second company offered a very meagre package and neither suited my needs.

So, I kept applying as my family advised and eventually got selected for the post of an ‘e-commerce executive’. I was very happy with the profile and agreed to join. Since it was my first job, I gave in my 100%. But the project wrapped up and the entire department had to resign.

After months of hard work, I was back to being jobless once again. On a brighter note, the situation was not entirely same as now I had acquired 6-months of valid experience. I felt confident and more enthusiastic than ever before. I once again updated my resume on Naukri and this time I got multiple mails for job interviews.

I was interviewed at ‘Info Edge India Ltd.’ and got selected for the position.

Interview Rounds

The following rounds were conducted at Info Edge India Ltd. for the position of a Content Operations Executive.

Aptitude test – This round comprised of questions about basic mathematical aptitude and logical reasoning.
Group discussion – The topic was very general. I readily gave the introduction, i.e. I was the first person to speak up in my group. Probably that is the reason why I got selected for the next round.
HR round – This was a simple face-to-face personal interview. Questions asked were very commonplace and anyone who is confident can easily tackle them.
Communication test – This was conducted in the end to check my vocabulary and speaking skills. I was asked to speak and write for a few minutes on a certain topic.

“Interview questions I faced in the HR round and how I answered them”

I was asked multiple questions pertaining to my background, family, hometown and career goals. The interview process lasted for a whole day. It was a thorough and in-depth screening process and I am glad that I made it.

I was also asked some common HR interview questions, as listed below.

Tell me about yourself?

I answered like this. “Hello, my name is Rohan. This is the first time I am introducing myself formally and I am honestly very excited. So, here’s my story. I have been good in studies throughout my school and college days. I secured 79% in CBSE 10th board and 93% in 12th U.P. board exams. But I have a tiny weakness and that is my spoken English. As a result, despite being a good student, I always suffered from low self-confidence. But I have been working towards improving it by attending personality development seminars and reading a lot.

After 12th, I joined Banasthali University, Jaipur to pursue B. Tech in Computer Science. Genuinely speaking, I did not enjoy coding. Still, I went for CS due to family pressure. After 4 years, I finally made up my mind that coding does not make me happy but writing does! My B. Tech CGPA is just 6.9 on 10. And I could not clear a single campus placement interview.

After B. Tech, I moved to Noida permanently. As a fresher, I was very naïve and kept attending pointless interviews, until I received some offers. I realized that Digital Marketing and SEO is something I enjoy doing and that is why I am here today.”

Why should we hire you?

“The job profile you are interviewing me for is exactly what I want to do at present. Besides, I feel my skill sets and previous experience are highly relevant. I am confident that I can surely help your organization achieve business goals in some manner or the other.”

Why do you want to join this company?

“I am a fan of and Till date, whatever interview calls and job offers I have received are through them. These portals are big time life savers for all the freshers out there who are looking to start their career journey. You are doing a very noble job, as in you are helping people in India find their dream job. I really want to become a part of this positive revolution and see a better employed India with you, in the future.”

How soon can you join us?

“As soon as you want me to! Actually, I am ready when you are. I am a fresher and just out of college and I am eagerly looking for an opportunity in a reputed company, such as yours to jump-start my professional career journey.”

Give an example how you handled stress.

“I already explained in my introduction how I was depressed after getting rejected in campus placement interviews. I was under a lot of stress and have never felt so dejected in my life. Yet, my optimism and never-die-attitude helped me overcome that dark phase as well as handle stress smoothly.”

Describe your personality.

“Basically, I am a social butterfly and highly optimistic. I love to seek new challenges and opportunities to test my threshold capacity from time to time. That is the reason why I am into adventure sports! I feel motivated due to the adrenaline rush from bungee jumping, trekking, zip-lining and other such activities. On the other hand, I am also a home-loving soul and very close to family.”

My learnings from this placement interview experience

Approach your interviewer with a slight smile. I did.
Stay focused, be honest and do not lie.
Work on your English fluency as much as possible as your communication skills carry the maximum marks.

Try to be polite while speaking to the interviewer and do not get defensive while answering the HR.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate that I was selected amidst multiple candidates for the profile of a Content Operations Executive at Info Edge India Ltd. Today, I am very happy with my career. Though I did not make it in a campus placement interview, I successfully acquired experience, knowledge and work exposure all by myself. Thanks to Naukri and Firstnaukri.

Had I cracked an on-campus placement drive, I wouldn’t have been able to develop such a dynamic personality. I have actually learnt a lot in this job-search phase of my life. Today, I am a very confident person, ready to deal with any type of situation. I possess the talent and a confidence to crack any interview on my own (without any reference).

To conclude, I am thankful to my parents, and for their complete support. If I could make it, you can too!

All the best.


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