GAIL India: Interview experience of an Engineering Student in Campus Drive

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Result: I got selected in this company

Company: GAIL India

Profile: Executive Trainee

Salary: As per pay scale given on their website (₹ 58,000 per month)

Place: Gail Training Institute, Noida

Number of rounds: 2

Name: Kunal


About GAIL India


Gail India Limited (GAIL) was earlier known as Gas Authority of India Limited. It is a large natural gas processing and distribution company with headquarters located in New Delhi. Business segments of this Maharatna company include natural gas, liquid hydrocarbon, liquefied petroleum gas transmission, petrochemical, city gas distribution, exploration and production, GAILTEL and electricity generation. Every year during GAIL recruitment, hundreds of students from several engineering colleges of India get recruited based on their campus drive or GATE score card.

gail india

The Interview Rounds conducted at GAIL India


For my Engineering batch, GAIL recruitment 2018 happened through campus placement and GATE. The process of recruitment in both scenarios was more or less similar. Thankfully I did not have a written test as I was a GATE rank holder (of my branch i.e. Chemical Engineering). The entire process of shortlisting in my case was done on the basis of my GATE score card. For Chemical Engineering branch, they sent out call letters for rank holders up to 144th rank in the general category, provided we applied in time. These candidates appeared for the selection process at GAIL India office in Noida.

Group discussion at GAIL India

Please stay calm in the GD round. Do not try to act bossy and apply unnecessary tricks to stand out. Let others finish their sentence and don’t cut in while someone is speaking. In every PSE (public sector enterprise) company, generally calmer and to the point personalities are selected.

Technical Interview(s) at GAIL India

It was more of a technical interview. Lot of questions were asked from fluid mechanics, mass transfer and thermodynamics. From fluid mechanics, I was asked:

## What is Reynolds number and what is its relevance?
## How can you reduce frictional losses in a pipe?
## How will you measure pressure drop?

In heat and mass transfer, I was asked:
## What is pressure vs. temp curve?
## Explain the laws of thermodynamics and describe their significance.

Tips to crack GAIL India interview after engineering

As stated earlier, the rounds I faced were technical but only my basics were tested. From my experience, I understand that you need not go into deep concepts. While preparing, ensure that you are acquainted with all the fundamentals and have no confusion. With this strategy, cover as many subjects (from your branch) as possible.

💡 Quick Tip: Having good knowledge about GAIL India’s businesses is highly recommended.

My interview experience at GAIL in detail

First round was a group discussion followed by a face to face technical-cum-HR interview. The screening criteria followed by GAIL India especially for campus placement was simply a candidate’s CGPA (above 6.5 and preferably no backlogs) and for GATE it was the Score. I was selected through GATE. In my branch, i.e. Chemical Engineering, candidates having a rank up to 144 were summoned for further rounds. The first round was a group discussion and it was similar to any other GD round conducted by IT companies and corporates.

Prepare latest group discussion topics and tips here.

Tips for the GD round at GAIL India

In order to prepare, research and read up on current topics well. Focus on latest group discussion topics for the GD round on the internet. For instance, read on the Pulwama attacks, Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan, GST, demonetization and other such current affairs that made the headlines for a long time.

Topics I prepared were:
## Should internet be censored or not?
## Whether we should import toys from China or not.

Tips for the Technical Interview at GAIL India

My interview was bent more towards the technical side. As I told earlier, lots of questions were asked from fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer and thermodynamics. Apart from your basics and ground work on GAIL India’s business, having knowledge on current scenario in Indian Oil and Gas Sector will fetch you bonus points. For instance, which company recently acquired HPCL, what are the future projects of GAIL and the industry at large under the current government, etc.

💡 Quick Tip: Go through the official website of GAIL India. You will find a lot of relevant information there. Everything is explained well and this knowledge will set you up for your summer training.

That was my strategy during GAIL recruitment 2018 for the post of Executive Trainee. You can do it too. Just plan well and prepare smartly. This tactic will surely get you selected in the Maharatna company GAIL India for a stable career in the long run. Wish you all the best!  👍 👍 👍

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