Google Placement Interview for Non-Voice Process

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I attended a Google interview for the position of non-voice process associate at Hyderabad. I applied for this position via my college’s placement cell. My Google interview preparation strategy was simple, I stayed updated on current affairs and polished by business English communication skills, both written and spoken. However, I did not face a written round. My Google interview performance could have been better. Read my Google interview experience in detail below.
Result: I was not selected

Company: Google

Profile: Non-voice process

Salary: 2.8 Lakhs per annum

Place: Hyderabad

Number of rounds: 2

Name: Polavarapu Keerthi Sree

Place: Hyderabad

Email ID:

About Google


Google is a US-based MNC that specializes in Internet-related services and products, like it’s search engine that we use daily. Other services of the company include online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software products and hardware gadgets. Google alongside Amazon, Apple and Facebook forms the ‘Big Four’ among technology companies.

Google interview experience in detail


I attended the off-campus placement interview at Google Hyderabad. My Google interview was for a Non-voice process and the person who would get selected would have to tackle inappropriate videos on YouTube.

The Interview Rounds

There was no aptitude or technical test for this job role at Google. I faced 2 simple face-to-face rounds.
## Group Discussion Round
## HR Round

My detailed experience in both these rounds has been described below.

Group Discussion Round in Google Interview


In my Google interview, I was made to face just 2 rounds, the first one being a group discussion round. We were supposed to come prepared on current affairs and latest group discussion topics, especially the ones concerning YouTube guidelines.

Advantage of group discussion round in Google interview


We were given the freedom to choose our own topics of choice to speak the GD round of Google interview. One of the candidates spoke on child abuse, whilst the others spoke on terrorism. As soon as it was my turn, I got ready to speak on a topic concerning graphical violence.

Unfortunately, my interviewer interrupted me. He asked me to change the topic and instead, describe any accident I had witnessed live or any other violent incident like a cold-blooded murder. I was specifically instructed to be as precise and present as many details as possible. Then I started to explain about an accident I had watched on YouTube itself. It seemed as if the interviewer was satisfied with my answer.

I immediately got shortlisted for the next Google interview round.

Special tips to crack Google Group Discussion round


My group’s generic topic for the round was YouTube guideline. This included subtopics like verbal abuse, graphical violence, etc. As described earlier, we were free to choose any subtopic we wanted.
Tips to crack this round are:
## Prepare 4 important points related to group discussion.
## Be the first to initiate the discussion as all of us know that first impression is the best impression.
## Start by introducing yourself.
## Project your listed-out points in a friendly manner so that you need not to make everyone feel agitated for a debate.
## Don’t oppose other candidates suddenly, let them finish first. Collate all your points mentally or on paper and then counter them once they are done speaking.

HR Interview Round in Google Interview


The HR round was smooth. There weren’t any technical questions in this Google interview round. My HR interviewer wanked to know about my interest for the position. They said “Why should we hire you?” He further asked me to talk about Section 377. I was unable to speak up confidently as my knowledge on this topic is limited. I managed to mention gay marriages are legal but could not say clearly that LGBT community of India is no more included in Section 377.

Actually, I could not explain my thoughts clearly as I had not read up on the topic. I should have mentioned it earlier, which was my mistake. The HR person probably spotted my lack of determination and hence, I was not selected for the job.

That was my interview experience in detail.

How to crack Google Non-Voice Process HR Interview

Simply arrive well-prepared. Read up on latest happenings and current affairs. If you are not a keen newspaper reader, develop that habit. You might also watch English news channels daily for 30 mins to stay updated on current. You should also prepare aptitude questions and logical reasoning just in case there is a written round on percentages, clock problems, permutations and combinations, synonyms, time and work, train problems etc. Some of my friends has a written round later and they faced a clock related problem:

What is the angle between the hands of the clock at 7:20?

Essential tips to face the Google interview confidently


One should be confident at every point while interacting with the interviewers. There should not be any hint that you have memorized things. Try to speak naturally. Just tell them the 2 or 3 points you have prepared for every question confidently and spontaneously.

Overall, it was a great learning experience.

All the best to you for your placement test and Google interview!

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